The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4903

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4903-Even though the Ancestral Blood Master had burned a portion of his Blood Essence to improve his strength, Toma was still overpowering him.

At some point in the battle, the Ancestral Blood Master had the upper hand, but he was disadvantaged after Toma cast a Supernatural Power.

The Ancestral Blood Master was getting beaten up, sustaining consecutive injuries.

Meanwhile, Wael had also displayed his signature skill, Boundless Space.

Sedris suffered under the Boundless Space’s crushing force. His speed and powers were significantly restricted.

Wael gave him no chance at all and was very careful. His Boundless Space could be shattered if he were to let his guard down. After all, Sedris was a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank for countless years. If Sedris were to break his Boundless Space, he would be left with no other more potent means to fight. Wael attacked relentlessly, casting all of his Supernatural Powers.

Sedris was incredibly powerful, but he struggled to counter the Boundless Space. He could not defend himself and was consecutively struck by Wael’s powerful force. He looked battered and bruised all over. His body was soaked in blood, and his hair was scattered messily.

Sedris roared furiously, “Damn it!”

A powerful aura burst out from his body. Then, he waved his hand and summoned a strange chessboard with countless chess pieces.

The chess pieces suddenly transformed into sharp blades and spread into the surroundings.

Wael’s’ Boundless Space was shattered, and he suffered a backlash. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and he stumbled backward.

Suddenly, countless chess pieces surrounded him. The chess pieces began to transform and became a bizarre formation.

Sedris shouted, “Capture him!”

The formation immediately grew stronger. Wael could not resist its potent force and was slowly being pushed downward.

Livie sensed that Wael was in danger and quickly attacked Sedris.

Sedris quickly swung his arm, and a powerful force swept toward Livie, forcing her to retreat.

While Livie backed away, Wael fell into the Tenfold Purge Formation below him and was trapped. Even though he was at the Chaos Rank, he could not break free from the Tenfold Purge Formation.

Wael was defeated.

Sedris looked toward the battlefield. Then, he set his eyes on Zula. He cast the Chess Formation again and trapped Zula.

Zula was also dragged into the Tenfold Purge Formation and sealed away.

Two powerhouses at the Chaos Rank were trapped in a short moment.

Sedris and Xylus had their hands freed and quickly joined the battle against the Ancestral Blood Master.

The Ancestral Blood Master was already at a disadvantage against Toma. Now that another two powerhouses had joined forces against him, he could not block their attacks and was constantly injured.

Sedris finally found an opportunity to seal the Ancestral Blood Master with his Chess Formation and place him within the Tenfold Purge Formation as well.

With the defeat of the Ancestral Blood Master, the only two still fighting were Livie and Yardos.

Sedris, Xylus, and Toma did not bother with the group of powerhouses that were not at the Chaos Rank. After they resolved Livie and Yardos, the group would be very easy to deal with.

The three quickly united against Livie.

Although Livie had the combat power equivalent to the Chaos Rank, she could not handle three opponents. After all, she was no longer the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Third

Commander. Soon, she was captured and thrown into the Tenfold Purge Formation.

After taking care of Livie, they targeted Wynton’s group.

Even though Wynton and the others were relatively strong, they stood no chance against several powerhouses at the Chaos Rank. They were quickly suppressed and trapped inside the Tenfold Purge Formation.

Yardos was the only one that remained.

Sedris, Xylus, and Toma quickly approached Lucius, wanting to work together to take down Yardos.


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