The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4904

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4904-Except for Yardos, everyone who came on the rescue mission was defeated and sealed inside the Tenfold Purge Formation.

Yardos sensed that his comrades had been trapped and wanted to save them. However, Lucius did not give him a chance to leave. Even though Yardos had mastered the Blithe Omniscience, Lucius had his eyes locked onto Yardos.

With his comrades being defeated one after another, Yardos did not have enough time to devise a countermeasure.

The powerhouses surrounded Yardos instantly.

Yardos’ body bloomed with a multicolored halo, and his aura was exceptionally potent. His expression became solemn, knowing he was up against four powerhouses at the Chaos Rank, and amongst them, one had already reached the Chaos Transcendere Rank.

Toma approached and said, “Surrender, Yardos. As long as you obediently yield to us, we’ll spare you after James gives us the secrets of Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and sacred scrolls.”

“Haha!!!” Despite being besieged by formidable opponents, Yardos let out a loud laugh. “I’d rather die than surrender!”

Lucius looked at his allies and said, “Why waste time talking with him? Just capture him already.”

Sedris, Toma, and Xylus nodded simultaneously.

Lucius took the lead and charged speedily toward Yardos, exceeding the limitations of time and space.

He appeared in front of Yardos and quickly raised his hand. Purple inscriptions emerged from his palm and darted at Yardos.

Yardos raised his hand to block the attack.


Two terrifying forces clashed. Both Yardos and Lucius were knocked away.

At that moment, the other three powerhouses launched attacks at Yardos from different directions.

Yardos activated the Blithe Omniscience and dodged their attacks. At the same time, he seized whatever chances he had to get close to them and deal fatal attacks.

Although Yardos had four opponents, he was not disadvantaged and managed to injure his opponents.

Lucius, Sedris, Toma, and Xylus gave each other meaningful glances, immediately agreeing to use their trump card.

They knew Yardos was too powerful. Even if they were to defeat him, they would suffer severe consequences. Their only option was to activate the Tenfold Purge Formation.

The four quickly retreated, and a powerful force suddenly permeated the area.

Yardos sensed the Heavenly Path of the Endlos’ Ten Districts was suppressing him, and his speed significantly slowed.

He realized he was in a sticky situation and murmured, “If I continue fighting, I might die. Then, we won’t be able to achieve our goal. I’ll have to escape and wait for James to leave his seclusion. Then, we’ll devise a plan together.”

Yardos immediately cast the Blithe Omniscience and disappeared. However, a few strange inscriptions had already appeared in the distance and formed a light wall.

He slammed into the wall and felt a mysterious power emerging from it. Even though he was at the Omnisciecne Path’s Eleventh Rank, he was still injured.

Yardos retreated, but several Sword Energies within the formation charged at him.

He quickly dodged them and rushed to a different area. However, he was still trapped within the formation. As soon as he reappeared, a spectral sword pierced his body.


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