The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4912

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4912-James left seclusion and began wandering around the Chaos Arena.

The Chaos Arena was a magical small world with beautiful spiritual mountains and rivers.

As soon as James left seclusion, he searched for Yardos and his comrades’ auras. However, he could not locate anyone.

“What’s going on?” James frowned.

The Chaos Arena was relatively small, and his Zen should be able to spread throughout it. Yet, he could not find his friends’ auras. James leaped into the air and looked into the distance.


Far ahead, there was the sound of fierce battles. Powerful forces permeated the area and caused cracks in the void. However, the formation around the small worlds quickly repaired the damages.

James quickly headed to the battlefield because he sensed Byron, the successor of Wynne and the Saber Sect, was fighting.

His opponent was an elderly man in a gray robe. He had a wrinkled appearance, and his hair was white. However, his aura was potent.

James sensed the elderly man’s aura and could tell he had surpassed the Chaos lllimita Rank.

Byron, on the other hand, had only just broken into the Quasi Chaos Rank.

Although he had not entered the Chaos Rank, he stood his ground against a powerhouse at the Chaos Transcendere Rank. However, he was evidently disadvantaged and had sustained a few serious injuries.

“Hand over the picture fragment, and I’ll consider sparing you, Byron.”

After a brief confrontation, the elderly man backed into the distance. He looked at Byron, who was covered in blood and said, “The Saber Sect is incredibly terrifying. They brought up a powerhouse like you. However, it’s unfortunate the Saber Sect’s Grand Patriarch isn’t here. You’re still not a match for me.”

Byron was soaked in blood, and his face was grim.

A few powerhouses gathered in the distance and spectated the battle.

‘The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch is terrifying.”

“He’s at the peak of the Chaos Transcendere Rank and is so close to reaching the Chaos Omnia Rank.

“Byron has entered the Quasi Chaos Rank and has a Sword Body. He also created the Sacred Heart Art and has

mastered the Defying Heavens Art. However, the disparity in strength between him and his opponent is too wide. He’s

not a match for the Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch.”

“I wonder why the Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch is interested in Byron’s picture fragment.”

“It’s probably a clue that Byron obtained in the Chaos Battlefield.”

The powerhouses spectating the battle discussed.

James rushed over and frowned at the sight. He approached Byron and asked, “Do you need help?”

“Who’s that?”

“Isn’t that James from the Chaos District?”

‘You’re right! It’s James who fought Byron in the Boundless Battlefield.”

“James has finally shown up!”

“The powerhouses from Mount Stoyan have been waiting several epochs for him. They even announced they would kill his comrades if he didn’t show up within a certain time limit.”

Everyone began whispering about James.

Byron looked at James and said calmly, “You have better things to take care of right now. The powerhouses from Mount Stoyan captured your wife and children. Yardos and your other friends rushed to rescue them but were also captured.”

James was furious by the news, and his mind went dizzy.


Immediately afterward, his aura skyrocketed.


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