The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4913

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4913-James’ face became grim, and a murderous intent emerged from his body. He asked coldly, “What do you mean? Mount Stoyan? Who are they?”

The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch was furious by James’ sudden interference. He sneered, “Who the hell are you? Get lost.”

After speaking, he appeared before James and raised his hand, attempting to suppress James.

However, James suddenly disappeared. The next moment, he was already behind the Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch.

Weird inscriptions flashed through James’ eyes. Then, a strange scenery appeared from his pupils.

The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch sensed the terrifying force sweeping toward him. He kept descending from the sky as the crushing force pressured him.


The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch crashed into the ground. Shortly after, he leaped back into the sky, wearing a grim expression, and snorted, “Dobro Eyes? That’s unexpected. Unfortunately, your cultivation base is too weak. I would be scared for my life if you were at the Chaos Rank.”

He was suppressed by James’ Dobro Eyes because he was not expecting it. Now that he was aware, he could fully

resist the Dobro Eyes’ force.

James was eager to learn more about Mount Stoyan. However, the Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch was in the way. He said coldly, “I don’t want to fight you. Get lost.”

Even though James’ opponent was the Grand Patriarch of a hidden sect that had recently reemerged, he did not take him seriously. With his current strength, he was fearless.

The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch sneered, “Haha. You’re pretty naive, aren’t you? Many ancient sects have been in hiding for countless years. Yet, you youngsters think you’re invincible?”

“Yeah, I’m invincible. What’re you going to do about it?”

Suddenly, a voice came from the distance.

Immediately afterward, the void split apart, and a chubby man walked out of the gap. Runes appeared around his body and gathered to form a terrifying formation behind him.

The Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch was startled after sensing the force coming from the formation. He exclaimed, ‘The Grand Purge Formation?!!”

After identifying the formation, the Diablo Sect’s Grand Patriarch quickly fled.

Henrik dispersed the formation and appeared in front of James. Then, he called out excitedly, “James! I finally found you.”

James stared at Henrik and asked, “Y-You’ve already entered the Chaos Rank?”

Henrik replied, “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it later. I heard you were in trouble and rushed to help.”

James approached Byron and asked, ‘Tell me what happened.”

Byron explained, “A few District Leaders formed Mount Stoyan. The leader is the Hazeaf District’s Leader, Lucius. Sedris, Xylus, and Toma are also founders of Mount Stoyan. They’ve trapped your wife, children, and friends in Mount Stoyan.”

Byron briefly explained the situation to James.

“Yardos led a group of powerhouses to rescue them but were also taken hostage. Yardos was the only one who managed to flee. However, he was severely injured.”

A murderous aura emerged from James, causing the surrounding space to tremble.


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