The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4914

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4914-Everyone held something dear to their heart that they would fight to protect. To James, that something was his family and friends.

James’ heart was boiling with anger after learning that Lucius, Sedris, Xylus, and Toma had captured his wife and children.

Henrik comforted him, saying, “Don’t worry, James. Let’s go to Mount Stoyan and destroy those bastards.”

Byron glanced at Henrik. He was clueless about Henrik’s background and the technique he had used. However, the Diablo Sect’s Grand Partriarch’s fear of him was enough to prove his strength.

Despite knowing Henrik was exceptionally strong, Byron still threw in a reminder. “It’s better to be more careful.

Previously, several powerhouses had shown up on Mount Stoyan, including Yardos, the Ancestral Blood Master, Zula, and a few cultivators at the Caelum Boundless Rank.

Everyone else was captured apart from Yardos, who fled with serious injuries.”

James took a deep breath, suppressing his anger.

‘Thanks for the reminder. I know what to do.”

James clasped his hands at Byron and expressed his gratitude. Then, he turned to Henrik and said, “Let’s head to Mount Stoyan. I’d like to know what they’re up to.”

Henrik gave it a thought and said, “Maybe we shouldn’t rush there, James. Even Yardos was injured. He’s probably hiding somewhere, treating his wounds. We should look for him first.”

James nodded lightly, then scanned their surroundings.

He saw the cultivators were chatting around them and shouted, “Pass the message to Mount Stoyan that James Caden has already appeared. If my wife, children, and friends are to even sustain another scratch, I’ll go on a massacre on Mount Stoyan.”

After speaking, James and Henrik left the area.

The news of James’ reappearance spread quickly and soon reached the ears of Mount Stoyan’s powerhouses.

“Finally, James!”

“James values his family and friends. It was a good idea to capture them and threaten him. We’re going to acquire the secret of the sacred scrolls so effortlessly.”

The powerhouses laughed, overjoyed by the news.

James and Henrik, on the other hand, set out to search for Yardos.

While they were still trying to locate Yardos, Waleria intercepted them. She quickly disclosed that Teresa had trapped Yardos.

“I’ve been secretly watching everything. Yardos fled from

the battle with severe injuries. Teresa seized the opportunity and sealed him away. His current whereabouts are unknown.”

‘Teresa…” James gritted his teeth.

Henrik’s face darkened. “Then what else is there to wait for? Let’s charge straight to Mount Stoyan.”

“James…” Waleria paused, hesitating to speak.

“Cut to the chase.” James looked at Waleria.

Waleria reminded him, “Lucius, Sedris, Xylus, and Toma are really powerful. Moreover, they set up a powerful formation in Mount Stoyan. Yardos led a group of powerhouses there to rescue your family, but everyone except Yardos was captured. If you go there right now, you’ll be digging your own grave.”

James said firmly, “Even so, I must go.”

Waleria’s pretty face showed helplessness. She was troubled by the situation, especially because the Theos Sect had gotten involved.”

After giving it a thought, she said, “I’ll come with you.”

“Alright.” James nodded lightly.

Afterward, the three headed to Mount Stoyan.

On the way, James said, “I’m sure they captured my family and friends to obtain the Tenfold Realms Transcendent

Sutra and the sacred scrolls cultivation method. Our main goal will be to rescue them.”

He looked at Henrik and said, “After we arrive at Mount Stoyan, I’ll negotiate for them to be released, then I’ll take their place as hostage. After they are freed, I need you to bring them to safety.”

“No way!”


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