The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4915

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4915-Henrik immediately disagreed, saying, “I’m really powerful now, James. No matter who our opponents are or what kind of formation they have, I’ll be able to suppress them.”

Henrik was confident in his strength. He might not be invincible in the Chaos Battlefield after gaining a preliminary understanding of the Grand Purge Formation. Still, there were only a handful of cultivators that could stand against him.

James took a deep breath and said, “Do as I say. They simply want to know the cultivation method of the sacred scrolls. I need you to get Thea and the others out of Mount Stoyan so I don’t have to worry about their safety. As for Lucius and those that captured them…

“I’ll guarantee they won’t leave Mount Stoyan alive.”

James’ expression darkened, and his face was full of hostility.

Henrik asked, “Are you sure about this? Your opponents are several powerhouses at the Chaos Rank. They are leaders of major forces and districts.”

James replied confidently, “Don’t worry.”

Waleria reminded again, ‘You can’t be reckless, James.”

Although Waleria was aware of James’ capabilities and knew he was powerful, she was worried about him as she

witnessed the Tenfold Purge Formation’s strength.

“I’m confident.”

After James reassured them, he cast the Blithe Omnsiciecne and disappeared from the area. Then, he appeared in the sky far from Mount Stoyan.

Waleria and Henrik also appeared shortly after him.

James shouted, “I’m here. Let my family and friends go.”

Mount Stoyan had garnered a lot of attention in the past few epochs, and many cultivators were camping nearby.

James’ voice echoed throughout the area, immediately arousing these cultivators’ attention.

“He’s here!”

“After waiting for so long, James has finally shown up!”

“Even Yardos, who fought against four opponents at once, could not withstand the formation of Mount Stoyan. James is strong but probably weaker than Yardos, right?”

“Who knows? Let’s see what happens.”

Many cultivators began to spectate from a distance.


A few figures flew up from Mount Stoyan and hovered in the sky. Lucius was in the lead, with Sedris, Xylus, and Toma behind him.

The four stood together and stared at James.

“I know exactly what you want.”

James suppressed his anger and hostility toward them. He looked at them and said, “Let my family and friends go, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Ha!” Lucius chuckled.

The Tenfold Purge Formation was immediately activated.

Lucius said, “If you voluntarily walk into the formation, we’ll release your family and friends.”

James analyzed the formation. It was incredibly mysterious and contained ten kinds of powers complimenting each other. Although they seemed to be fused, they were still independent.

The Formation Inscriptions were very complicated. Even James was unable to completely understand it.

James sensed many familiar auras belonging to his family and friends within the formation.

‘You can’t be careless, James. That’s the strongest Purging Formation during Emperor Raiah’s era. It’s called the Tenfold Purge Formation. Emperor Raiah created it to deal with the Extraterrestrial Demons.” Henrik suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

Henrik identified the formation. He did not learn the Tenfold Purge Formation and could not set it up. However, there were some records and analyses of the Tenfold Purge Formation in the information Zeno had passed on to him.


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