The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4917

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4917-“James!”


Seeing James trapped within the formation, countless voices called out to him.

“Enough. We must leave now.” Henrik waved his hand and summoned the rune Zeno left for him, which allowed him to enter the Chaos Battlefield at will. A powerful force emerged from the rune, enveloping James’ family and friends. Then, the rune tore a gap in the space and teleported everyone out of the Chaos Battlefield.

Henrik did not leave with them. He glared at Lucius, Sedris, Xylus, and Toma. Then, he looked coldly at Mount Stoyan. Immediately afterward, a murderous intent erupted from his body.

After sensing that Thea and the others had been sent to safety, James, who was being crushed to the ground by the formation’s pressure, slowly stood up. His aura suddenly increased as seven kinds of powers flowed through his body. James no longer hid his strength, and his injuries recovered instantly.

He stretched his body and looked at the powerhouses in the sky.

“What the hell?”

Lucius and the others were startled after seeing James calmly resisting the formation’s pressure.

“How is this possible?”

“Why is he able to withstand the formation?”

After a brief shock, they simultaneously activated the formation’s attack mechanism. Ten kinds of powers appeared inside the formation, transformed into invincible blades, and darted toward James.

James’ Blithe Omniscience was almost useless within the formation. However, he had no intention of dodging the attacks.

His aura had reached an exceptional level after fusing the seven powers in his body.


He swung his hand, and a spectral fist appeared, instantly shattering the invincible blades.

James roared furiously, “Break!!!”

His aura grew stronger once again. He took a step forward, and tremors spread throughout Mount Stoyan.

“T-That’s the Defying Heavens Art!”

“I can’t believe he cultivated the Defying Heavens Art already. He only just obtained it from Byron a few epochs ago. How did he already master it?”

The spectators gathered in the distance were shocked after seeing James cast the Defying Heavens Art.

Henrik was about to take action but stopped after seeing James resisting the formation without much effort.

Relieved, he stood in the distance and silently watched as things unfolded. He was also curious to see how strong James had become after staying in the Endlos’ Nine Districts for so long.

James performed the Defying Heavens Art, and the energy from the microcosm inside his body was released. The energy continuously enhanced his strength, and his aura kept rising.

He slowly stepped forward and connected with heaven and earth, absorbing the energy around him to reconstruct his Skyward Stairway.

When he took the tenth step, the formation showed signs of shattering.

“Reinforce the formation!”

Lucius, Sedris, Xylus, and Toma panicked. They quickly urged all their strength to maintain the formation, hoping it would be enough to suppress James.

However, James’ aura was still rising. At the same time, his strength had already reached a terrifying level.


When James took the thirty-second step, the Tenfold Purge Formation could no longer withstand his aura and immediately collapsed. Shortly after, Mount Stoyan also came crashing down.

“Ready to die?” James’ angry voice resounded throughout the area.


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