The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4918

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4918-James took thirty-two steps forward and shattered the Tenfold Purge Formation.

As soon as the formation was broken, the powerful force of James’ Defying Heavens Art destroyed Mount Stoyan.

Even though other formations were set up around Mount Stoyan, they could not withstand the Defying Heavens Art’s power. Many cultivators within Mount Stoyan sensed the formation’s destruction and quickly evacuated. A few that could not escape in time were obliterated, and their souls were wiped out.

James floated in the void, emitting the aura of a peerless warrior.

“It broke?”

“James destroyed Mount Stoyan’s formation.”

“It was a formation that managed to temporarily trap Yardos. He went to great lengths to create a crack to escape.”

“Yardos had the strength to fight four opponents alone.

Wouldn’t this mean that James’ strength is above Yardos?”

“Lucius and his comrades are in deep trouble.”

Many of the cultivators spectating from a distance were excited after seeing that the Tenfold Purge Formation was destroyed.

Lucius, Sedris, Xylus, and Toma stood side by side with solemn expressions.

Toma looked at his allies and asked, “What now?”

“What else can we do? We have to fight to the end. Even if we stop now, James won’t let us go. We only have a chance if we unite. If we are to escape now, James will come after us one by one. Eventually, we’ll all end up dead.”

Lucius suggested their best shot was to unite against James. Even though James shattered their Tenfold Purge Formation, he felt they had a chance of killing James if they joined forces.

The other three nodded in agreement.

“Who wants to die first? Or do you four want to die together?”

James’ aura was potent. Even in the face of four powerhouses at the Chaos Rank, he showed no fear.

Meanwhile, Wyot and Teresa watched from a distance.

Teresa’s clone, Xezal, had already merged with her main body.

Wyot’s face became solemn after witnessing James’ strength. He clenched his fists, and a sense of helplessness began to bud in his heart. He had always wanted to kill James but never succeeded. James’ strength had far surpassed him and was like an insurmountable mountain.

“What do we do now?” Wyot turned to Teresa.

Teresa did not immediately reply to Wyot. However, she remained calm, as if everything was going according to plan.

After a few seconds, she said, “The battle’s outcome isn’t certain yet. James merely broke an incomplete Tenfold Purging Formation. It wasn’t perfect to begin with. Even though the formation was potent, it wasn’t even one-tenth of the real Tenfold Purge Formation.”

Teresa remained optimistic about Lucius and the other powerhouses.

She continued, saying, “If James really kills Lucius and the others, then you must be careful. From then onward, you’re on your own. I have other plans and won’t be able to protect you.”

Despite having a bit of hope left for Lucius’ group, Teresa was already devising a backup plan.

After speaking, Teresa disappeared from the area. She knew that Henrik was keeping an eye on her.

Henrik was already at the Chaos Rank and would be a difficult opponent. Therefore, she evacuated in advance.

Wyot, on the other hand, chose to stay behind to watch the battle.

Meanwhile, James glared coldly at his opponents.

Lucius slowly stepped forward and said, “I never expected you to become so powerful in such a short time. Perhaps we can become friends if you hand over the secret to cultivating the sacred scrolls. If not…” “Pfft!” James sneered.


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