The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4919

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4919-James activated the Blithe Omniscience and appeared in front of Lucius in a flash. Then, he swung his fist.

Lucius was extra careful as he knew James mastered the Blithe Omniscience. As soon as James reappeared, he urged his Space Path’s Power and disappeared. The next moment, he appeared somewhere else.

However, James had already predicted his course of action. He vanished again and appeared beside Lucius. Then, his fist slammed into Lucius’ body.

Lucius was at the Chaos Transcendere Rank and had terrifying physical strength. However, James’ attack caused countless injuries to his tough physical body.


Lucius was knocked into the distance, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Huh?” Many powerhouses were stunned by the scene.

“Lucius is at the Chaos Transcendere Rank. How could he be injured in just one hit?”

“How did James become so strong in just a few epochs?”

Everyone spectating the battle was shocked.

James had used the Omniscience Path’s Tenth Rank and Seven Path Techniques. With the fusion of the Seven Path

Technique’s powers and the Defying Heavens Art, James’ strength had already surpassed Lucius.

Even though he was only at the Quasi Chaos Rank, he was able to injure Lucius, who was at the Chaos Transcendere Rank, with just a punch.

Lucius was livid after being injured. He shouted to his allies in the distance, “What are you guys waiting for? It’s now or never!”

After speaking, his aura suddenly skyrocketed. His whole body released a bright purple light, and the Crepe Myrtle Energy of Hazeaf surrounded him.

Even though the Crepe Myrtle Energy of Hazeaf was powerful, it was an incomplete version of the Hazeaf Power. Therefore, it was incomparable to the real powers of the Ten Path Techniques.


The Chaos Sword appeared in James’ hand, and a terrifying Sword Intent permeated the area.

He pointed his sword at the other three opponents in the distance and said, “Stand still. I’ll kill whoever moves first.”

Sedris, Toma, and Xylus were wary of James’ aura and did not act rashly. They hovered in the air, looking at Lucius in the distance.

Lucius cursed out, “Damn it! James isn’t going to let you three go even if you don’t take action right now. After he kills me, the three of you are next. We must join forces to stand a chance against him.”

Lucius was startled after James proved to be stronger than Yardos. He knew he could not be careless and needed to join forces with the other three powerhouses to have even a slim chance of killing James.

At that moment, Xylus sprung into action.

Suddenly, a mysterious sound emerged from the Chaos Sword and gathered to form a bright Sword Energy.

The Sword Energy’s bizarre sound echoed throughout the area.

As soon as Xylus moved, the Sword Energy shot in his direction. He quickly used all his strength to cast a protective barrier.


The barrier was shattered instantly, and the Sword Energy pierced his body. A bloody wound formed, and blood kept spewing out of his body.

James was overpowering them. With just the First Tone of the Chaos’ Nine Voices, he injured a powerhouse at the Chaos lllimita Rank’s late stage.


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