The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4921

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4921-James wiped out the powerhouses of the four district leader’s sects very quickly. Then, he returned to the collapsed Mount Stoyan.

At that moment, Lucius, Toma, and Xylus had already climbed out of the rubble. The three of them looked miserable, covered in injuries and blood.

“As expected from you, James.” Henrik smiled while watching from a distance.

He learned that James was in trouble and rushed to support him. However, James was already so strong. Even at the Quasi Chaos Rank, he was able to take on four powerhouses at the Chaos Rank.

Despite being against four opponents, James avoided being at a disadvantage. Instead, he had the upper hand against them.

James hovered in the void with a cold expression. “Sword World.”

Countless Sword Energies containing mysterious inscriptions emerged and formed a Sword World, instantly trapping his three opponents.

Sword Energies pierced through the space within the Sword World.

Lucius, Toma, and Xylus desperately defended themselves.

Purple lights emerged from Lucius’ body and gathered to form a bright long sword. The sword resisted the suppressive force and charged to the top of the Sword World’s borders.

A few cracks formed on the Sword World’s borders.

Toma and Xylus also seized the opportunity to cast their Supernatural Skill to attack the Sword World’s borders.”


The Sword World shattered instantly.

When the Sword World collapsed, a Sacred Blossom appeared in the sky. The Sacred Blossom was in full bloom and was incredibly mesmerizing. However, destructive power was hiding behind its beautiful appearance.

The Sacred Blossom charged in their direction. Sensing the Sacred Blossom’s power, the three tried to evade it.

As powerhouses at the Chaos Rank, it was easy for them to escape the battlefield.


The Sacred Blossom exploded, and a terrifying shock wave permeated, destroying the surrounding void.

Lucius, Toma, and Xylus were in terrible states.

Even though they avoided a direct hit, they were injured by the shock waves.

“It’s not going to be easy to take him down.” Lucius’ face darkened.

After the extended battle, he no longer had any confidence. Even after they joined forces, they could not kill James. At that moment, he thought of escaping.

Lucius knew he would have to leave the Chaos Battlefield. Otherwise, it would be useless if he fled somewhere else in the Chaos Battlefield. However, that would mean missing out on the ultimate boon, the Herstellen Art.

While Lucius was hesitating, a Sonic Sword Energy charged at him.

Even though he reacted in time and evaded the Sword Energy, he was still injured by the Chaos’ Nine Voices’ power. A portion of his chest’s muscle was obliterated.

“Survival is more important.”

At that moment, Lucius made up his mind to escape.

Now that the Chaos Battlefield’s entrance had been closed, it was difficult for cultivators to enter. However, it was relatively simple to leave.

As a powerhouse at the Chaos Transcendere Rank, it was easy for him to tear a gap in the void to leave the battlefield.

A crack appeared in the void ahead of him.

James immediately sensed that Lucius was attempting to escape the Chaos Battlefield.

Suddenly, a mysterious formation with a spectral figure standing above it appeared.

The figure stepped forward, and the formation below its feet followed. Soon, the formation arrived above Lucius and quickly enveloped him.

Lucius had already stepped through the crack in the void and was about to leave. However, he was forcibly pulled backward by the formation’s power and was trapped.

The figure on the formation suddenly opened eyes, and countless strange scenes flashed through its pupils.

Lucius feared his life was about to end and cried out for mercy, “Wait, James! Please spare me!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, two swords darted out of the spectral figure’s pupils and merged into one.

The sword pierced through the void and penetrated Lucius’ body.

A terrifying power spread through Lucius’ body and withered his vitality. His cultivation achievement throughout his life was obliterated, and his soul was extinguished.


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