The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4922

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4922-“Argh!!!” His anguished cry resounded throughout the area.

Lucius, who was once the strongest man of the Endlos’ Nine Districts, was wiped out of existence.

Powerhouses of the Endlos’ Ten Districts and from hidden sects were appalled by James’ strength. Lucius had reached the Chaos Transcendere Rank and had monstrous strength, yet he was killed by James.

Toma and Xylus were horrified, and their bodies trembled in fear.

Sedris immediately appeared behind Toma and Xylus. Then, he deployed a mysterious chessboard. The chess pieces turned into inscriptions, trapping Toma and Xylis.

“I’ve already helped you trap them, James. Now it’s up to you what to do with them.”


Sedris’ Chessboard of Heaven and Earth was shattered.

Toma and Xylus knew pleading for mercy was useless, and their only option was fighting.

There may still be a chance for them if they were to give it their all. Even if they were to die, they wanted to retain their Divine Soul to secure an opportunity for reincarnation in the future.

As long as they could be reincarnated with their memories, they could improve rapidly with their strengths.

At that moment, Toma and Xylus burned their Blood Essence and souls, gaining strength beyond their cultivation rank.

They were only at the late stage of the Chaos lllimita Rank, but their auras had reached the Chaos Omnia Rank.

Their current strength was above Lucius.

Xylus said coldly, “You’re too much, James. Even if I die today, I’ll make sure you suffer as well.”

Toma glared at Sedris and activated the Blithe Omniscience. He appeared before Sedris and struck him. Sedris had no time to react and was sent flying into the distance.

Sedris was no match against Toma, who had already ignited his Blood Essence and soul and was instantly injured.

Toma did not go after Sedris anymore and set his eyes back on James.

James sneered, “I’m too much? You’re being ridiculous. You took my family and friends hostage, forcing me to show up and hand over secrets you want to know. But now you’re accusing me of doing too much? Even if you burn your Blood Essence and soul to gain temporary strength, I’ll ensure you guys die today.”

“Haha!” Xylus laughed.

Immediately afterward, Xylus charged toward James.

His body was ignited, and his Divine Soul’s fire emerged. His appearance was horrifying, and his aura was overpowering.

Xylus appeared in front of James and raised his hand to attack.

He waved his palm, and a terrifying force spread, destroying the surroundings.

James confronted him with his fist.


Their hands clashed, and a terrifying force swept the area. Even though James’ current state was powerful, he was blasted away, and his Blood Energy churned. Unable to suppress it, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Henrik took a few steps forward, contemplating whether to intervene. However, he suppressed the urge. He wanted to find out what else James had up his sleeves.

Moreover, he felt reassured since James had cast a mysterious formation capable of suppressing Lucius, who was at the Chaos Transcendere Rank. He was confident James would not be defeated so soon, even at a disadvantage.

As soon as James was injured, Toma appeared behind him and launched a fatal attack.

However, a formation and spectral figure appeared, blocking his attack.

Toma was instantly knocked away and trapped inside the formation.

James’ comprehension of inscriptions had improved during his time in seclusion. Therefore, his formations were even more powerful. Even though Toma had burned his Blood Essence and Divine Soul to gain strength, he could not escape James’ formation.


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