The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4923

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4923-James took the opportunity to attack Xylus.

Xylus’ strength was currently at the Chaos Omnia Rank. James knew that even with the Defying Heavens Art and the Seven Path Techniques, he was weaker than Xylus.


The 108 Infinity Steles appeared in the sky.

James split them apart and reformed into the Boundless Pagoda.

The Boundless Pagoda instantly evolved into its seventh form.

Xylus instantly sensed the impending danger.

Before he could react, he was already trapped within the Boundless Pagoda.

He tried to break free but was unable to counter the power of the Boundless Pagoda’s seventh form. His efforts to escape were futile.

Suddenly, seven different powers emerged inside the Boundless Pagoda.

The powers attacked Xylus, forcing him into defense.

However, his defensive means were completely useless against the Boundless Pagoda’s powers. In just a short moment, he was covered in injuries.

“No!!!” Xylus was terrified after he sensed that his vitality was slowly seeping away and his soul was about to be destroyed.

“I’m sorry, James! I shouldn’t have made an enemy out of you. I was wrong to be greedy…”

Before Xylus could finish his words, he was obliterated.

Countless cultivators in the Chaos Battlefield had been following the battle’s progress. After Xylus was wiped out, everyone fell silent.

James turned to Toma, who was desperately struggling within the formation.

The formation was too profound and powerful, leaving Toma utterly helpless against it.

With a thought, James transformed the formation into a Purging Formation. Immediately afterward, the powers of heaven and earth gathered within the formation and merged into a dazzling long sword.

The long sword slashed at Toma. Toma’s body was sliced apart, and his flesh rotted away.

In just the blink of an eye, he vanished into thin air.

The battle was over very quickly.

James had cast all his trump cards and easily eliminated three opponents.

Sedris was the only one that remained.

James turned to Sedri in the distance.

Sedris met his gaze and broke out in cold sweats as he subconsciously stepped away.


Waleria suddenly appeared before James and said pleadingly, “Please spare him. Even though he made a mistake, I already told him about Teresa’s plan. He promised me to assist you in rescuing your family and friends.”

Sedris quickly agreed, saying, “It’s the truth, James. I was going to cooperate with you against them. However, you didn’t need my help, so I didn’t have a chance to step in.”

Despite Waleria’s pleas, James’ expression remained hostile.

“Anyone that touches my family must be punished.”

Waleria knew that James was unconvinced, so she quickly waved her hand, and the scene of her discussion with Sedris played before James.

“Please spare him, James. Give him a chance.”

James’ hostility dissipated significantly. “Even though he promised to cooperate with me to rescue my family and friends, I still want to kill him. However, I’ll let him go because of you.”

Waleria sighed in relief. 2


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