The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4927

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4927-“From what I know, a few Extraterrestrial Demons are being suppressed by the Chaos Tablet. After they are released, you can kill them. Then, you’ll become the cultivator with the highest prestige after Emperor Raiah and eventually the Endlos Lord.

The middle-aged man replied calmly, “I’m not interested.”

“I know you’re not interested in becoming the Endlos Lord. But don’t you want to prove you’re stronger than Emperor Raiah?”

The middle-aged man looked at Xezal and asked calmly, ” Little girl, did you come to me just to inform me that Emperor Raiah’s successor has appeared so that I can kill him?”

Xezal said embarassedly, “To be honest, James harbors great hatred toward me. He killed my father and has ambitions to become the next Endlos Lord. Fortunately, I hid the Endlos Heart that Emperor Raiah had left behind. Otherwise, he would’ve already become the new Endlos Lord. Even if you continue staying in seclusion, he’ll come for your life to avoid you becoming a potential threat to him.

“Is that so?” The middle-aged man was not convinced.

He waved his hand and summoned a few inscriptions to form an Extrapolation Formation to verify whether Xezal was telling the truth and find out more about James.

The Extrapolation Formation rotated.


Suddenly, the formation exploded. The middle-aged man suffered a backlash and almost fell to the ground.

He exclaimed in surprise, “Interesting… I couldn’t extrapolate anything about him. I can’t believe there is someone in the current era that I can’t extrapolate.”

Xezal was relieved by the outcome. She was worried the middle-aged man would discover she was lying and kill her.

The middle-aged man’s name was Taran Zach. He was a well-known powerhouse during Emperor Raiah’s era. He used to compete with Emperor Raiah. Ultimately, he lost and went into seclusion. Even when the Endlos was in chaos and under attack by the Extraterrestrial Demons, he stayed in seclusion.

When he used to compete with Emperor Raiah for dominance of the Endlos, he was at the peak of the Chaos Essencia Rank and was one rank lower than Emperor Raiah, who was at the Chaos Completare Rank. The difference in cultivation rank resulted in his defeat to Emperor Raiah.

“Do you really not want the supreme cultivation achievement that Emperor Raiah had left behind after defeating the Extraterrestrial Demons? Don’t you want to enter the Chaos Completare Rank?” Xezal looked at Taran.

Taran replied calmly, “You’re a pretty scheming one. In order to resurrect your father, you’re trying to get me to unleash

the Extraterrestrial Demons suppressed under the Chaos Tablet.

Although Taran could not extrapolate anything related to James, he could see through Xezal’s plan.

Xezal’s body trembled in fear.

Taran said with a smile, “Your little tricks are useless to me. However, I’ll be able to suppress the Extraterrestrial Demons even if they are released. Even the former Extraterrestrial Demon’s Great Commander may not be a match against me right now.

‘You’re quite smart and managed to pique my curiosity. I’ll meet James Caden and see what kind of existence he is.”

Xezal had already broken out in cold sweats. After hearing Taran’s words, she was relieved.

She knelt to the ground and begged, “Please help me save my father, Sir Taran. I can only save my father if the Extraterrestrial Demons are released. The battlefield against them must be moved to the Chaos District.”


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