The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4928

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4928-Although Taran had lost to Emperor Raiah in the past, he was still exceptionally strong.

During Emperor Raiah’s era, there were many powerhouses, including the Sword Demon, Rune Arts Grandmaster, the Emperor of Tribulation, the powerhouses guarding the Boundless Road, and those who died in the battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons.

Even though there were many peerless powerhouses, they were not comparable to Taran. Emperor Raiah was the only cultivator capable of suppressing him back then. However, Emperor Raiah was only slightly above Taran and could not kill him.

Taran was not interested in Emperor Raiah’s cultivation achievement and had seen through Teresa’s plan of using him to kill James, open the Chaos Tablet, and release the Extraterrestrial Demons.

“You should leave,” Taran waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to interfere with these affairs. Life and death are up to fate. You shouldn’t insist on changing it. You’ll become corrupted if you’re too persistent in wanting to change fate. Ultimately, you won’t be much different from the Extraterrestrial Demons. As for James, I’ll meet him.”

Taran casually waved his hand, and an invisible force emerged, teleporting Teresa back outside of the mountain gate.

Teresa stood outside the mountain gate with a solemn expression. She thought she would be able to convince Taran to intervene. However, Taran showed no desire for fame and fortune. Even the title of the Endlos Lord was not enough to intrigue him.

She began thinking about her next step.

“I have other ways to force you to take action.” Teresa’s pretty face darkened.

Immediately afterward, she disappeared from the area and appeared outside the mountain gate of an ancient Orthodox.

Emperor Raiah’s era was prosperous, with countless powerhouses and Orthodoxes.

Many powerful forces joined the battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons. However, there were also some cowards that chose to hide. They refused to participate in the fight and stayed within their own territories.

From Teresa’s understanding, there were powerful cultivators hidden among these ancient Orthodoxes. Although they were not as strong as Taran, a few combined would be enough to make Taran wary.

Teresa arrived at Mount Genesis, an ancient Orthodox.

Mount Genesis used to be considerably powerful during Emperor Raiah’s era. Moreover, they seemed to have information about the Extraterrestrial Demon’s origin and that the Endlos’ forces combined were not enough to wipe out the Extraterrestrial Demons. Therefore, they

symbolically sent a few disciples to participate in battle, whereas their stronger cultivators did not join.

Teresa knew Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch was a powerhouse at the Chaos Essencia Rank. Although he was inferior to Taran, the two were still at the same cultivation rank.

She knew about these secrets because her father was the Endlos Lord. Emperor Raiah had left behind countless ancient books, recording many things about the Endlos.

Emperor Raiah also recorded whatever he knew about the Extraterrestrial Demons. However, those ancient books were in Zaden’s possession, and outsiders were not permitted to read them.

Teresa stood outside Mount Genesis’s gate and shouted,” My name is Xezal Dalibor. I’m the current Endlos Lord and am here to visit Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch.”


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