The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4929

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4929-Xezal’s voice echoed throughout the area. Then, a magical crystal manifested in her hands. At that moment, she was blessed by the Ten District’s Heavenly Path and looked incredibly mighty.

A golden light shot over from the distance and formed into a staircase.

Xezal ascended the stairs, slowly approaching the spiritual mountain.

Soon, she arrived atop a spiritual mountain and saw an elderly man sitting on the cliff.

The elderly man had a long beard and was wearing a gray robe. Xezal was unable to sense his aura, and he seemed nonexistent.

Xezal looked at the elderly man curiously. She had never seen Taran and Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch before. In fact, she had only heard about them from her father and read about them in ancient books.

“What’s the matter, young lady?” The elderly man opened his eyes and looked at Xezal.

Xezal knelt on the ground and said, “I’m the current Endlos Lord. It’s an honor to meet you, sir.”

The elderly man waved his hand, and a force lifted Xezal from the ground. He said lightly, “Yours is fake. It can only

attract the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Path. It’s not capable of controlling the ten Heavenly Paths.”

Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch was an unparalleled powerhouse and could tell at a glance that Xezal’s Endlos Heart was fake.

“Is that so?” Xezal was startled. “It’s fake?”

Xezal thought to herself, ‘Father left it for me, so how can it be fake?*

Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch said softly, “Cut to the chase and tell me what it is you want. If there’s nothing important, please leave.”

The Grand Patriarch would not have met with Xezal if she had not appeared with the Endlos Heart.

Xezal quickly recollected herself. Regardless of the Endlos Heart’s authenticity, her goal was to persuade Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch to come out of seclusion.

“Sir, are you aware the Chaos Battlefield that Emperor Raiah left behind has emerged?”

“So what?” Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch replied nonchalantly, seeming uninterested in the Chaos Battlefield.

“Don’t you know that Emperor Raiah left the Herstellen Art within the Chaos Battlefield? It’s the Supernatural Power of the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Great Commander. Moreover, he also left behind the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and ten sacred scrolls.”

Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch said calmly, “And? No matter how strong the the Herstellen Art or the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra are, they were created by someone else. They are the cultivation achievements of others. Even if I obtained and cultivated them, it means nothing. I would be following in their footsteps. At my current cultivation rank, I must walk my own path to reach the final cultivation rank.”

Xezal realized her words were insufficient to entice Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch. She quickly added, “Have you ever heard of the myth of the Sovereign Rank?”

A surprised expression appeared on the face of Mount Genesis’ Grand Patriarch.

Xezal elaborated, “According to the information left by Emperor Raiah, there is another leader above the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander. He is an invincible existence that has transcended the Chaos Rank and reached the Sovereign Rank. Moreover…”

After a slight pause, Xezal continued, saying, “Emperor Raiah left a message saying that a few Extraterrestrial Demons are suppressed under the Chaos Tablet, including the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander. The Second Commander possesses the secret of entering the Sovereign Rank.

“After Emperor Raiah forced the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Great Commander to retreat, he learned about the method to entering the Sovereign Rank from their Second

Commander. Afterward, he rushed out of the Endlos and entered the Extraterrestrial Demon’s territory to enter the Sovereign Rank. Many eons have passed since then.

Perhaps Emperor Raiah has already entered the Sovereign Rank by now.

“Also, Taran, who Emperor Raiah defeated, has already left seclusion. He is trying to learn more about the Sovereign Rank from the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second

Commander. If you’re late, Taran might obtain it before you. After Taran kills the second commander, you will never be able to find out how to enter the Sovereign Rank.”


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