The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4935

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4935-After the news spread, many powerhouses headed to Mount Stoyan.

Mount Stoyan had previously been destroyed, but it was now restored.

At the top of Mount Stoyan, there was a wooden house.

James sat in front of the house.

Henrik said, “Many living beings showed up nearby, but none came here. They probably don’t have clues.”


At this time, a voice sounded.

James turned to the direction of the sound.

He saw Byron walking over. In a flash, Byron appeared before James.

Looking at Byron, James asked, “Do you have any clues?”

Byron nodded before saying with a smile, “I was lucky. I killed a foe and obtained an incomplete inscription.”

“I see.” James lightly nodded and said, “Let’s wait for other powerhouses with clues to show up.”

Byron halted in his tracks.

As time passed, more living beings gathered in the area. Nonetheless, they did not have clues about the Herstellen Art.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

Three months later, a living being showed up at the top of Mount Stoyan.

It was a man around the age of forty. He appeared rough. His bare upper body was covered in black hair, making him look like a gorilla.

Upon seeing the man, Byron frowned.

The man was a wicked powerhouse.

In the past, he killed so many people that several ancient Orthodox feared him.

When the rough-looking man appeared, he shouted, “I have several incomplete inscriptions.”

James glanced at the man. Under the man’s muscular body, James sensed an explosive power. He sensed that the man was at the peak of the Chaos Omnia Rank.

The man’s cultivation rank was frightening.

“You are?” James probed, “What’s your name?”

The muscular man smiled and said, “I don’t remember my name, but other living beings call me Fletcher Turner.”

Fletcher seemed harmless when he smiled.

He looked like an honest farmer.


James nodded and gestured for Fletcher to sit down.

With a smile, Fletcher sat down.

Then, the three continued waiting for other living beings with incomplete inscriptions to appear.

Several days passed.

A few days later, there came a sound of laughter. Then, countless petals fell from the sky above Mount Stoyan. The petals gathered and formed a beautiful fairy.

The lady wore a thin, white dress. Her dress was slightly see- through, revealing her figure.

The lady exuded a strong aura.

James sensed that she was in the Chaos Omnia Rank.

He could not help but take a deep breath.

The hidden sects were terrifying. The living beings that appeared were all in the Chaos Omnia Rank.

If powerhouses with such cultivation ranks appeared in Endlos earlier, they could have destroyed the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

Byron glanced at the lady and said in a soft voice, “James, she’s the Sect Leader of the Flower Sect, an ancient Orthodox. Although she’s beautiful, she’s ruthless. Her wrath can impose great suffering upon countless living beings.”


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