The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4936

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4936-James had previously obtained several incomplete inscriptions.

The inscriptions were clues about the Herstellen Art.

From the inscriptions, James learned that there were eight incomplete inscriptions.

Hence, if he could gather the eight inscriptions, he would find out the whereabouts of the Herstellen Art.

However, he only had three.

Byron, Fletcher, and the Sect Leader of the Flower Sect each had one.

They had six in total, still short of two.

The Chaos Arena opened several epochs ago. James believed that all eight clues had been found. Now, he only needed to wait patiently for the powerhouses with the clues to appear.

More living beings gathered in the surroundings.

The living beings came from hidden sects. There were several true powerhouses.

James and the others waited patiently.

In the blink of an eye, three years passed.

Three years later, another powerhouse showed up.

In the distant void, a golden ladder appeared. The ladder continued expanding. Then, a man dressed in a golden robe descended the ladder. Soon, he appeared at the top of Mount Stoyan.

His body descended from the sky and landed on the ground steadily.

Byron whispered from James’ side, “He’s a powerhouse from Burning Valley and a Grand Patriarch there.”

“I see.”

James nodded. He sensed the powerhouse’s cultivation rank and learned that the latter was at the peak of the

Chaos Transcendere Rank. He was one step away from the Chaos Omnia Rank.

In comparison to Fletcher and the Sect Leader of the Flower Sect, he was slightly weaker.

“Shane, I didn’t expect you to have an incomplete inscription of the Herstellen Art. If I had known, I would have snatched it from you.” Fletcher smiled.

When Shane Fahn heard that, his facial muscles trembled. Reluctantly, he smiled and said, “You’re funny.”

“We still need three more.” The Sect Leader of the Flower Sect, Becca Hathaway, glanced at the living beings present.

James stood forward and said, “I have three inscriptions. We only lack one. I don’t know who has the last one.”

When the living beings present learned that James had three inscriptions, they stared at him.

James sensed unfriendly gazes, especially from Fletcher. Although he was smiling, there was a glint of murderous intent in his eyes. It seemed that he planned to snatch the incomplete inscriptions from James.

Nonetheless, that was only a thought.

After all, James was not a simple person.

Even though James was only at the Quasi Chaos Rank, his ability was terrifying.

Becca glanced at James. With a smile on her delicate face, she turned around and walked over to James. Flaunting her charm, she said, “Hey, the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra left behind by Emperor Raiah is a treasure. The sacred scrolls are even more mysterious. Since ancient times, many powerhouses read the sacred scrolls, but none comprehended them.”

As she spoke, she inched closer to James.

She exuded a floral scent.

It was easy for her to enchant someone.

James moved away and avoided Becca.

“Are you shy?” Becca laughed. Then, she got back to her point. She said, “We’re going to look for the Herstellen Art soon. Before searching for the Herstellen Art, shouldn’t you share the secrets of the sacred scrolls?”

Fletcher was also greedy for information.

The other living beings looked at James.

On the other hand, James said, “Even if I share them with you, you can’t comprehend them. The Tenfold Realms

Transcendent Sutra and sacred scrolls are similar to the Karma Path. They can only be comprehended by oneself. They can’t be spread by words.”


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