The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4937

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4937-“Is that so?” Becca did not believe James.

“A hundred percent.” James was certain.

Seeing that James was so sure, Becca did not say anything else, and Fletcher was no longer greedy for information.

However, Becca and Fletcher were only holding back for the time being.

The Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra was on par with the Herstellen Art.

Becca and Fletcher planned to obtain the Herstellen Art first before asking James for the method of cultivating the sacred scrolls.

A bunch of people were chatting.

At the same time, they were waiting for the last living being with an incomplete inscription.

They waited for several decades.

A few decades later, the last living being with an incomplete inscription appeared.

The surprising part was that the living being was someone James was familiar with.

‘You?” James looked at Xezal.

Xezal appeared on Mount Stoyan. She was dressed in a white dress and looked stunning. Glancing at James, she asked, “What’s wrong? Am I not welcome? If so, I’m leaving.”

“Stop right there.”

Fletcher went to block Xezal’s way and said, ‘You can leave if you want, but leave the inscription behind.”

Xezal looked at Fletcher and smiled. “The inscription is with me. Are you going to take it away from me forcefully? I

know you’re strong, but before you kill me, I will destroy the inscription.”

Becca stood forward and said with a smile, “He’s just joking with you. Since everyone’s here, let’s take out the inscriptions and put them together. Let’s see where the Herstellen Art is.”

Shane looked ahead and frowned. ‘There are so many living beings nearby. I don’t think it’s suitable to gather the runes here.”

Upon hearing that, Fletcher waved his hand. Then, a formation emerged and engulfed the area.

At this moment, the Chaos Sword appeared in James’ hand. His body flashed, and he appeared next to Xezal. He placed the sword on her neck. In a cold voice, he said, “Where’s Yardos?”

Xezal was taken aback.

She was confused. How did James know Yardos was with her?

After a while, she came back to her senses. With a smile, she said, “As expected of you. I can’t hide anything from you. Since you know Yardos is with me, I’ll stop hiding. If you help me obtain the Herstellen Art, nothing will happen to Yardos. If you don’t, he will die without a burial place.”

Once James heard that, his aura reached the extreme. He was full of murderous intent.

On the other hand, Xezal was not afraid. Casually, she said,” If you want to attack me, go ahead. If you kill me, no one will know where Yardos is.”

Henrik was worried that James would kill Xezal in one slash.

Timely, he said, “James, calm down. Killing her is easy, but finding Yardos will be difficult.”

James took a deep breath. He withdrew his murderous intent. Coldly, he said, “What do I need to do for you to let him go?”

“I told you. You need to help me obtain the Herstellen Art,” said Xezal.


Becca laughed. “Are we invisible to you? Do you think the Herstellen Art is something you can obtain as you wish?”

Xezal glanced at Becca and smiled. She did not say anything.

Xezal would not show up unless she was fully prepared.

She did not care about Becca, Fletcher, and Shane.

She only had one aim, and that was the Herstellen Art.

Once she obtained the Herstellen Art and revived her father, the Endlos’ Ten Districts would be the Doom Race’s Endlos’ Ten Districts.


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