The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4938

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4938-Xezal glanced at the living beings present and said, “Let’s not discuss this. Take out all the inscriptions. Let’s put them together and form a complete inscription.”

Everyone agreed with Xezal.

Everything said now could not be trusted.

They decided to devise plans after completing the inscription.

At this moment, Henrik was talking telepathically to James.

“We can’t trust these living beings. We have to come up with a plan in advance.”

James answered, “What should we do then?”

“We’ll snatch it.”


James was taken aback.

The living beings were all powerhouses. There were two powerhouses in the Chaos Omnia Rank. How could James and Henrik take the inscription forcefully?

Henrik said, “Once the inscription is formed, you will take it by force. After taking it, you will use the Blithe Omniscience and run away. As for the powerhouses here, I will block them.”

“Can you block them?”

“I can try.”

The two discussed secretly.

Meanwhile, the other powerhouses were also coming up with plans.

At this time, James took out the three incomplete inscriptions and said, “Take them out.”

Upon seeing that, the other living beings also took out their inscriptions.

In a flash, the eight inscriptions gathered.

The eight inscriptions slowly floated to the crowd. Then, under the gazes of the powerhouses, the inscriptions gathered and formed a complete and dazzling inscription.

When the inscription formed, Fletcher tried to grab it first. He wanted to run away after obtaining it.

However, the other powerhouses had taken precautions.

When Fletcher made a move, Becca sealed the area. Fletcher, who was strong, failed to grab the inscription.

Fletcher was sealed on the spot.

Then, Becca took action and used an illusionary palm to grab the inscription.

Before Becca reached the inscription, Shane crushed her illusionary palm.

Then, Fletcher broke free from the seal.

The scene happened in a flash. Before James knew what was happening, the powerhouses were already fighting.

At this time, Henrik exuded a powerful aura. Countless inscriptions emerged from his body. These inscriptions dispersed into heaven and earth. Then, a superformation appeared.

“The Grand Purge Formation?”

When the Grand Purge Formation appeared, the powerhouses were shocked. All of them stumbled backward.

On the other hand, James grabbed the opportunity to use the Blithe Omniscience to head to the complete inscription. He grabbed the inscription and put it away.

“James, you should leave first,” shouted Henrik.

Without any hesitation, James activated the Blithe Omniscience and disappeared.

When Xezal saw this, she remained calm.

She did not go after James.

She seemed to have expected all of this.

Standing in the void, Henrik exuded strange runes. When the Grand Purge Formation appeared, even the powerhouses in the Chaos Omnia Rank dared not act recklessly.

The powerhouses did not attack Henrik, so the latter stayed still.

“Who are you? How can you master the Grand Purge Formation?” Fletcher questioned.

Facing the Grand Purge Formation and being engulfed in it, Fletcher, who was at the peak of the Chaos Omnia Rank, dared not act rashly. If Henrik used the Grand Purge Formation to suppress Fletcher, Fletcher might die here. Even if he managed to run away and survive, he would suffer great losses.

Becca’s expression was heavy.

She was a living being from Emperor Raiah’s era. Hence, she knew how strong the Grand Purge Formation was.

It was not an incomplete Grand Purge Formation but a complete one.


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