The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4939

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4939-Standing in the void, Henrik smiled and said, “Everyone, please stay here. Do not try to break the formation and escape. If anyone tries breaking the formation, I will initiate the Grand Purge Formation immediately. It’ll be bad if you get hurt.”

Henrik spoke casually.

His purpose was to trap the living beings.

He was waiting for James to find the Herstellen Art.

He wanted to buy some time for James.

There was a formation that isolated the area from the outside. No matter what happened in the area, the living beings in the outside world would not know a thing.

Being engulfed in the Grand Purge Formation, the powerhouses fell silent. They dared not act rashly.

Meanwhile, Henrik’s gaze landed on Xezal.

‘Teresa, where’s Yardos?” Henrik questioned in a cold voice.

“Haha.” Xezal laughed.

At this moment, the Grand Purge Formation circulated. With countless inscriptions gathered, Teresa felt a rising pressure. Under the terrifying pressure, her body began to crack, and blood covered her body.

“Don’t make me force you,” said Henrik.


At this time, Sword Energy shot out of Teresa’s body.

The Sword Energy headed to the central region of the Grand Purge Formation.


Instantly, the area exploded.

Henrik’s Grand Purge Formation was immediately damaged. Since Henrik was the one controlling the Grand Purge Formation, he suffered a backlash from the damage dealt to the Grand Purge Formation.

Following the appearance of the Sword Energy, traces of black aura emerged from her body.

These traces of black aura gathered and formed a middle- aged man.

The middle-aged man was in black armor. Loosening his muscles, he smiled and said casually, “As expected of the Grand Purge Formation. If Zeno was the one who initiated it, I might fear it. Unfortunately…”

Henrik stood in the void with blood at the edges of his mouth.

He stared at the middle-aged man in black armor. He sensed an evil power from the latter’s body.

The powerhouses trapped in the Grand Purge Formation were stunned. They looked at the middle-aged man in armor. They also sensed an evil power from the man’s body.

They were from Emperor Raiah’s era.

Even though they were afraid of death then and did not head to the battlefield in the depths of Endlos, they were familiar with the power of the Extraterrestrial Demons.

“An Extraterrestrial Demon?” Becca’s expression became heavy.

Teresa ignored Becca and instructed, “Kill them all. Leave no one behind.”

Henrik sensed a dangerous aura.

He had to admit that his Grand Purge Formation could not suppress the Extraterrestrial Demon. Without any hesitation, he disappeared.

As his body disappeared, the Grand Purge Formation in the area also disappeared.

The Sealing Formation disappeared as well.

Upon sensing this, Teresa said, “Come back. Now isn’t the time to be exposed.”

The man in black armor turned into a trace of black aura and entered Xezal’s body.

Then, Teresa shouted, “James has taken the clues about the Herstellen Art.”

Her voice sounded throughout the area.

In the distance were countless living beings.

The living beings were all watching the situation from outside Mount Stoyan.

On the other hand, when Fletcher, Becca, and the others were freed, they ignored Xezal and began searching for James. They wanted to get the clues about the Herstellen Art.

They disappeared instantly and went after James’ aura.

“I’ve tried my best. The rest is up to you.” Henrik, who was escaping, could not help but spit out blood. He sat on a rock with a bitter expression.

“Why would there be an Extraterrestrial Demon in Teresa’s body? He can even damage my Grand Purge Formation in one blow. He definitely isn’t an average Extraterrestrial Demon.”

Henrik had a heavy expression.


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