The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4940

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4940-James obtained the inscription containing information about the Herstellen Art.

Upon obtaining it, he ran away.

James was not worried about Henrik. He trusted Henrik. If Henrik said that he could stop the others, he could.

After leaving Mount Stoyan, James hid his aura.

Then, he cast a formation around himself.

Upon casting the formation, he summoned the inscription.

The inscription floated before him. It was dazzling and eyecatching.

James’ Zen entered the inscription.

When his Zen entered the inscription, it entered an unknown space. In the space, a figure appeared.

The figure materialized gradually.

James saw the person clearly.


James frowned.

He had seen this man before.

The man was the statue that appeared on Mount Bane of the Twelfth Universe.

“You are?” James was shocked.

“Since you’re here, it means you and the Herstellen Art are destined.”

The man looked at James with a smile.

“Actually, the Herstellen Art wasn’t in the Chaos Arena. The so-called Herstellen Art isn’t the signature skill of the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Supreme Leader. The real Herstellen Art is an opportunity and fortune.

“When heaven and earth are damaged and Endlos cracks, one may obtain the gifts of heaven and earth and the three beams of light following Endlos’ first opening. This is done by repairing heaven and earth as well as Endlos’ cracks. The three beams of light contain the real secret of heaven and earth.”

The man’s voice was loud.

“Since you’ve gathered the inscription, it means the day isn’t far.

“Now, you only need to wait patiently. When heaven and earth are damaged and Endlos cracks, you will get the Herstellen Art.”

James listened attentively.

Upon hearing that, he asked, “In the near future, heaven and earth will be damaged and Endlos will crack? Who are you?”

The man looked at James and answered, “They call me Emperor Raiah.”


Hearing that made James take a deep breath.

He had thought of that before, but he was not sure.

“Emperor Raiah, where are you right now? What’s going on with the Extraterrestrial Demons? I’ve been to Boundless Road and Tribulation City before. There were powerhouses guarding the places.”

‘This is only a Zen I left behind. My Zen doesn’t know where my main self is. As for the Extraterrestrial Demons, they are living beings from the outside of Endlos.”

“So, why do they want to invade Endlos?” James asked.

“They want the three beams of light that appeared during the birth of Endlos, which are the Herstellen Art.”

“Where are the three beams of light?”

Emperor Raiah’s Zen responded, “When the damages of heaven and earth and cracks of Endlos are repaired, the fortune will appear.”

Emperor Raiah’s body gradually faded from James’ sight. Soon, it disappeared completely.

On the other hand, James also disappeared from the mysterious world. When he appeared again, he was in the formation he cast.

He obtained the information from the inscriptions. At the same time, the inscription that contained the information about the Herstellen Art also disappeared.

“I see.”

James was enlightened upon learning about the information.

It turned out that the Herstellen Art was not from the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Supreme Leader. Since Emperor Raiah mentioned all this, the living beings in the world believed that the Herstellen Art came from the outside of Endlos.

The real Herstellen Art was a huge fortune of Endlos. Boom!


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