The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4941

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4941-Boom!

The arriving powerhouses were powerful. They attacked James’ formation, and it shattered instantly.

‘They came so fast.” James frowned.

He found himself immediately exposed to the gaze of many powerhouses and being surrounded by them. The area was sealed as well.

James looked at his surroundings and saw many living beings, including Fletcher, Becca, Shane, and others that he had never seen before. Their auras were formidable.

“James Caden, hand over the clue of the Herstellen Art,” a voice rang out.

James spread his hands and said, “I don’t have it. I’ve observed the complete inscriptions, and there’s no such thing as the Herstellen Art. We’ve all been deceived by Emperor Raiah.”

“You’re asking for death.” Fletcher took the lead and launched an attack on James.

The moment James was about to escape, a man appeared and effortlessly blocked Fletcher’s attack. With an indifferent expression, he said, “Do you think my words are just hot air? I said James is mine, and no one can touch him until I say so.”

The man was none other than Taran.

Fletcher showed signs of unease. He took a few steps back and said, ‘Taran, do you want to claim the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and the Herstellen Art as yours? There are also rumors that James has a method to enter the Sovereign Rank. Do you want to claim all of that too?”

“Haha,” Taran burst into laughter. “What do you think of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra or the Herstellen Art are to me? I wouldn’t fear Emperor Raiah even if he was still alive.” He continued, “I said I just want to have a battle with James to prove that my Curse Magic is no weaker than the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.”

James quickly chimed in, saying, “You’re right. Your Curse Magic is unparalleled, and I’ve also studied it. I have some proficiency in it as well. Let’s find a place to discuss.”

At these words, Taran glanced at James and said, “Come with me. I’ll make sure no one touches you.”

“Okay.” James’ face lit up with joy. He felt temporarily safe with Taran by his side.

‘Taran Zach, you’re greatly overestimating yourself,” a voice emanated from the void, followed by the appearance of an elder.

‘The Grand Patriarch of Mount Genesis?” The living beings around were surprised.

‘Taran Zach, I don’t want to oppose you, but you can’t take James with you,” another voice chimed in.

‘The Grand Patriarch of Mount Taba?” With the appearance of another powerhouse, everyone was left stunned.

‘Taran Zach, do you really think you’re invincible?” A middle- aged man appeared.

‘The powerhouse from Silbergh Island is here too.”


In the distance, there was a sound that scorched the void, followed by a blaze, with a fiery red bird emanating the flames.

‘The Phoenix? What’s going on? Why are so many powerhouses appearing?” Everyone around was taken aback.

Taran looked at these powerhouses and said, “Apart from Emperor Raiah, I’m unrivaled in Endlos. Since you’ve all shown up, why don’t you attack together?” He spoke with confidence and arrogance.

Then, he looked at James and said, “Retreat for now. I’ll come find you once I deal with them. You must survive. In my lifetime, I’ve only been defeated by Emperor Raiah. You need to cultivate the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art as quickly as possible and reach the same cultivation rank as me. I want to battle with you to prove to the world that Curse Magic is no weaker than the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.”


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