The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4952

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4952-James remained unmoving as he stared at the formation above his head for a brief moment. Then, he conjured a heap of black crystals before him.

He had collected these black crystals after visiting the Supreme Illusions in the past. James did not have much use for these crystals all this time, so he decided to enhance the potency of his formation by extracting the black crystals’ energies.

After that, James began learning the knowledge of the sacred scrolls whilst continuing to perfect his formation.

In the blink of an eye, a long time had passed inside James’ time formation.

Suddenly, James’ eyes flew open. A faint, strange light flashed across his eyes for a few seconds. The light dimmed as he slowly blinked a few times. Then, James got up and did some stretches to loosen his muscles.

Once he was done stretching himself, James turned his eyes to the violet sea around him. With his powers, James managed to collect all of the Tribulation Liquid and stored it inside his storage almost instantaneously.

Then, James traveled to the Tribulation City to bid the Emperor of Tribulation farewell. Finally, he left the Tribulation World.

As soon as he had exited the realm of the Tribulation World, James checked the time of the outside world and realized that he had not spent too long in the Tribulation World.

Since he had learned Xezal’s plan, James decided to return to the Human Universe instead of the Dooms’ base.

A statue had been erected atop one of the peaks of Mount Bane. People had first come across it after the earth’s spiritual energy had been restored. However, no one knew who built the statue nor the identity of the person the statue was based on.

James gazed at the statue from a distance. It was a statue of a man staring into the horizon, emanating an aura of authority and confidence.

“Emperor Raiah,” James muttered under his breath.

James never would have guessed that the statue on Mount Bane was one of Emperor Raiah’s.

A lot of cultivators and several factions had chosen to live or set a base near the statue since they could detect abundant spiritual energy in the area.

“Is that James Caden?”

One of those people appeared to have spotted James, who was looking at the statue from afar. The man turned sideways to inform his friends about it. However, by the time he turned his gaze back to where James was, the latter was gone.

Meanwhile, a group of men had gathered inside the main hall of the Heavenly Court. Henrik and the others had left the Human Universe to search for ancient factions across the ten districts. At the moment, only members of the Human Race remained in the Heavenly Court.

As the lord of the Heavenly Court, Jacopo had been feeling uneasy ever since he had learned of the Doom Race’s plans.

Just then, he noticed a man entering the main hall from the corner of his eyes.


When they heard Jacopo’s voice, the other cultivators present in the hall turned their heads and looked in the direction of the entrance. A man in a white robe was walking toward them. The man had an aura of supremacy about him.

After a brief moment of silence, a small commotion broke out amongst those men as they were elated to see James.

A beautiful lady stepped out of the crowd at that very moment. Her voice dripped with longing and affection as she went up to James.

“You’re back!”


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