The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4948

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4948-James was genuinely surprised that Zaden’s integration into the Chaos Heavenly Path was part of a scheme.

Zaden’s cultivation required harnessing the Heavenly Path Power, and he was concerned about interference. This surely was not a conventional signature skill. It leaned more towards the dark and twisted path. Otherwise, there would not be such concerns. Perhaps his techniques were obtained from the Extraterrestrial Demons.

They had to be stopped.

“What do you plan to do next?” James asked.

Teresa smiled faintly and replied, “The Endlos Heart is the greatest cultivation achievement left by Emperor Raiah.

With it, one can become the Endlos Lord, controlling the Heavenly Path of the Ten Districts and even wielding the Heavenly Path Power for oneself. The plan is simple. We will host a gathering in the Chaos District, inviting powerhouses from the Ten Districts to converge. The one who emerges victorious in this gathering will obtain the Endlos Heart.”

Hearing this, James asked without showing any emotion, ‘ Even if powerhouses gather in the Chaos District, do you have the strength to eliminate them and infuse their formidable energy into the Chaos Heavenly Path?”

“Hehe.” Teresa smiled faintly. “In the Chaos Arena earlier, many powerhouses were killed by Taran. I absorbed the

energy left behind by them after they died. My father is very close to achieving mastery, and he only needs a bit more energy. Sacrificing a few more lives will suffice. However, he will be even stronger if the Chaos District is sacrificed. As for how to kill them and make the sacrifice, I have my ways.”

“Oh,” James muttered, then stopped asking questions. Instead, he contemplated countermeasures in his mind.

Teresa did not reveal how she intended to kill these powerhouses, but he had a rough idea. It seemed that she had collaborated with the Extraterrestrial Demons and might rely on their power to eliminate the powerhouses.

“Stay calm and focused,” Teresa stood up and said, “Facing setbacks is also beneficial. Cultivation is not always smooth sailing. After we eliminate James and my father is resurrected, you will become the clan leader and possess the Endlos Heart. I have high expectations for you, and I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

After leaving these words, Teresa turned and left. James remained seated in the main hall, lost in the deep thought.

Then, he began communicating and shared all the information he had learned in detail with Henrik.

Meanwhile, many living beings gathered in the Heavenly Court Main Hall of the Human Universe, including humans and powerhouses from outside the Chaos District, such as Wael, Zula, Wynona, and Saachi. Henrik explained Teresa’s plan in detail, along with the information James had acquired.

‘The Dooms plan to host a gathering, attracting ancient Orthodox powerhouses from the Ten Districts by using the Endlos Heart. Then, they intend to sacrifice the entire Chaos District to resurrect Teresa’s father, Zaden Dalibor. Once Zaden is resurrected, he will be exceptionally powerful, surpassing Taran, and reaching the level of Emperor Raiah.”

Henrik’s expression was grave.

The battle in the Chaos Arena had already gone on for ten thousand years.

Some powerhouses in the Human Universe knew about the battle in the Chaos Battlefield, but they did not have detailed information. Henrik told them all the details.

Upon hearing this, the atmosphere in the main hall became heavy. Though numerous living beings had gathered, no one spoke, causing silence to hang in the air.

“What does James plan to do?” The Ancestral Blood Master was the first to break the silence.

Henrik shook his head slightly and said, “For now, he doesn’t have a clear plan. He’s still figuring it out. He shared this information with me, hoping we could brainstorm together.”

Wyndael pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s inform the world. We should expose Teresa and the Doom Race’s plot. Join forces with powerhouses from the Ten Districts to confront them.”

“How do we inform them?” Henrik looked at him and asked,” Are we going to claim that the Dooms have allied with the

Extraterrestrial Demon? It might be hard for anyone to believe that.”


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