The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4949

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4949-Wael said, ‘The allure of the Endlos Heart is too great. Even if we were to inform the entire world, no one may believe us. Those who knew the truth have mostly perished under Taran’s hand. The remaining few are all injured, and they are now in seclusion for recovery, unable to attend to these matters.”

In the main hall, many powerhouses expressed their opinions and views. Yet, despite the discussions, no consensus was reached. This was because the Extraterrestrial Demon by Teresa’s side were formidable, to the point where not even Henrik’s Grand Purge Formation could suppress them.

Moreover, there were many other Extraterrestrial Armies behind the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Commanders. Hence, most strategies were futile in the face of absolute power.

Meanwhile, James was also contemplating. He believed that the only one who could stop all of this was Taran.

However, he had no idea where Taran was.

Taran’s strength was overwhelming, to the point where James could not even extrapolate to search. It was extremely tough to find Taran in the vast Ten Districts. With Taran out of the equation, James had no choice but to rely on himself.

At the back of Mount Doom, James was pondering a solution to this predicament while sitting on a rock. After

careful consideration, he used inscriptions to communicate with Henrik secretly.

“Henrik, ask the members of the Heavenly Court to visit the ancient Orthodoxes in the Ten Districts. Try to meet with the Grand Patriarchs and inform them of Teresa and the Doom Race’s plan. Then, persuade them to participate in the upcoming gathering in the Chaos District to confront Teresa and the Dooms.”

“Mr. Caden, I’m afraid this doesn’t work. The Heavenly Court’s standing in the Endlos Ten Districts is too low. Even if Heavenly Court members approach the ancient Orthodoxes, they may not be received, and even if they are, they may not believe it.”

“In that case, you should personally make the trip. You possess the Grand Purge Formation, and you represent the First Rune Arts Grandmaster under Emperor Raiah’s banner. They will definitely believe you. You won’t be able to visit all these ancient Orthodoxes alone, so have the Ancestral Blood Master, Wael, and Zula, who are powerhouses of the Chaos Rank, join you. At the same time, find Samarth and have him participate.

“Remember, make sure they don’t raise suspicion or alarm Teresa even if they don’t believe you. If Teresa knows of this and changes the plan, it will be difficult for us to discover her intentions again.”

James formulated a series of strategies. He intended to unite the Ten Districts to confront Teresa and the Extraterrestrial Demon behind her.

Simultaneously, he would go into closed door meditation, striving to comprehend the ten sacred scrolls, master the complete Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art, and even ascend to the Chaos Rank.

Furthermore, he sought to journey to the Endlos or the end of the Tribulation World in order to meet with his two predecessors and attempt to persuade them to join his plans.

Both of them were powerhouses at the Peak of Chaos Essencia Rank. They could certainly mitigate the impending disaster in the Ten Districts if they were to intervene.

After giving Henrik his orders, James opened his eyes. Right now, he had to venture into the Tribulation World.

At the moment he was ready to leave, a beautiful woman approached. She was dressed in a milk-white long gown, her figure graceful, and her face exquisite. However, a faint sorrow marred her otherwise flawless countenance. She was none other than Yemima.

Wyot had once imprisoned her in the dungeon for a period. After James departed, Wyndael intervened and released her. However, she chose to stay with the Dooms, continuing to reside at Mount Doom as she had no idea where else she should go other than staying there.


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