The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4950

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4950-When Yemima appeared, James looked at her with a complicated expression. She was a woman he had let down, but back then, he truly had no other choice. It was all for the Human Race.

“I’m back,” James said.

Yemima looked at him and said, “I could have left the Doos, but I chose to stay at Mount Doom all this time to wait for your return.” Her eyes welled up with mist, and glistening tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’m a tainted woman. I may have professed love for you with my words, but I gave my body to James.”

Her voice choked with emotion. James looked at her, genuinely unsure of what to say. Moreover, he was now impersonating Wyot, making it even more challenging to find the right words.

“Where’s Carson? I haven’t seen him,” James asked.

Yemima replied, “He couldn’t accept that James was his father and left the Dooms a long time ago. I have no idea where he is now.”

“I have matters to attend to and must leave Mount Doom.” James spoke these words and vanished from the spot. For him, matters of love were secondary. The salvation of the Chaos District was paramount.

He left Mount Doom and reappeared in a certain location within the Chaos District. Here, there was no presence of the universe and living beings. After he sensed his surroundings and found no one tracking him, he utilized the Chaos Heavenly Path to open the Tribulation World and entered it.

Upon his arrival, countless lightning tribulations struck him. However, they were utterly powerless against him. He traversed the Tribulation World and reached the Tribulation City. It was vast and dilapidated. The city was deserted.

The Emperor of Tribulation emerged as soon as James appeared.

‘You’ve come,” said the Emperor of Tribulation. He was still clad in tattered armor, looking disheveled.

James nodded and said, ‘Yes. I’ve come to seek your help with some matters outside.”

James explained the current situation in the Ten Districts.

Upon hearing this, the Emperor of Tribulation shook his head and said, “James, I can’t leave. If I do, there will be no one to guard the Tribulation City. Even though there is a formation in the entire city, the Extraterrestrial Demons in the passage outside the city will break through it as soon as I leave. They will enter the Endlos through the Tribulation World, and the situation will become thousands of times worse than it is now. You’ll have to handle matters outside on your own.”

James had anticipated this outcome before coming, but hearing it from the Emperor of Tribulation left him feeling disheartened and burdened.

Swish! The Emperor of Tribulation gestured, and some inscriptions manifested in front of him. They were enigmatic, with faint glimpses of lightning and thunder within them. “I can’t offer much help, but I hope these Tribulation Inscriptions will be useful.”

James accepted them and asked, “Can I go into closed door meditation in the Tribulation World for a while?”

“Of course,” the Emperor of Tribulation replied. With a casual wave of his hand, the Tribulation Clouds in the distant Tribulation World dispersed. A purple sea appeared in the sky, radiating a dazzling violet light and exuding a potent energy aura.

“What’s this?” James’ face lit up with delight.


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