The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4951

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4951-The Emperor of Tribulation said, “That is the invaluable Tribulation Liquid. Even just a single drop can greatly improve a person’s physical condition. I hope it’ll be of use to you.”

James drew a big breath and bowed to the man. “I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

“Go on, then.” The Emperor of Tribulation gestured to the sea. Then, he teleported and vanished from James’ sight.

James turned his gaze to the violet sea and teleported toward it. As he levitated in mid-air and looked down at the body of water, James was amazed by the tremendous energy he could sense from the violet sea.

“What an incredible amount of energy!” James muttered to himself.

‘At first, I was thinking of learning the contents of the three remaining sacred scrolls and training with the knowledge of the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra to enter the Chaos Rank.

‘Now that I have the Tribulation Liquid, I can continue with my training for the Omniscience Path. Perhaps I could achieve the Eleventh Rank of the Omniscience Path just like Yardos before they hold the tournament.’ James thought.

The man gradually lowered himself. As he was moving closer to the surface of the seawater, James had begun absorbing the energies radiating from the Tribulation Liquid. James could instantly feel his pulse quickening as the energy entered his body from the pores on his skin.

Eventually, James immersed himself entirely in the seawater. After he had put up a time formation around him, James also used his powers to stop the time flow in and around the area.

At his level of skills and knowledge, stopping the flow of time was no longer a difficult task for James. Along with using the time formation, James could finish his training within a shorter time of the outside world.

James focused his concentration and began absorbing the energies of the Tribulation Liquid. He could sense how the Tribulation Liquid’s energy was enhancing the powers of his body. James generated the powers of the Blood Mantra next to improve his bloodline power.

At the same time, James activated the Omniscience Path. Three circles of halo appeared around his body, and they seemed to shine brighter with time.

In a matter of minutes, James had entered the eleventh rank of the Omniscience Path. The glowing halos were an indication that James had refined his body, soul, and bloodline power to their optimum level.

‘Yardos managed to last in that battle against four Chaos Rank cultivators because of his Chaos Rank powers and his mastery of the Eleventh Rank of the Omniscience Path. If it weren’t because our opponents had prepared the Tenfold Purge Formation, he might have been able to exterminate all four Chaos Rank cultivators on his own,’ thought James.

A broad smile was plastered across James’ face as he could sense the improvement in his physical condition and energy levels.

“I have finally reached the eleventh rank of the Omniscience Path.”

‘Now, I should start looking through the remaining sacred scrolls. I need to master the Ten Path Techniques and fuse them to create the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art.

‘Also, I need to learn the treasure gifted to me by the Emperor of Tribulation. Last but not least, I should work on perfecting my formation. If possible, I’ll incorporate the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Art and the signature skill from the Emperor of Tribulation into my formation,’ he pondered.

James lifted his gaze and generated the complex formation above his head. A black, human-like figure sat on the structure with its legs crossed.

‘I still haven’t figured out what that shadow-like figure may be. I couldn’t detect any signs of life from it. However, I could sense a mysterious energy from the figure that was highly compatible with the formation. As the formation became more advanced with the addition of various inscriptions, the figure’s aura grew stronger too.

‘It is almost like a clone of myself as I can control it freely. I can even incorporate my Zen into the figure.

‘Hm… Perhaps I’ll be able to understand it fully after I complete the formation,’ James wondered.


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