The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5079

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5079-James beamed broadly at her.

“Hi, Thea.” Everyone was looking at James with cold, unfriendly gazes.

“Regardless of whether he is impersonating James or not, we can probably use his help.” Xrival suggested another approach to their current situation, “He’s the Orstellen Sect’s saint.

He should know a thing or two about the Orstellen Realm.

He’ll come in handy at some point.” James quickly said, “I don’t know much about the Orstellen Realm! They only appointed me as the saint because I was resurrected through the Koloretsua Stone.

I probably won’t be of any help, but I am the real James!” Thea merely rolled her eyes upon hearing his words.

James directed his gaze in Zella’s direction.

Then, he asked smilingly, “Zella, do you have any clues as to what we can do now?” Zella shook her head.

“I lost my ability as a prophet along time ago.

I can’t see what will happen in the future now.” “I might be able to help you recover your powers,” James replied.

“Can you do that?” Zella could not help getting hopeful after hearing that.

“Pl give it a try.” James was not entirely sure if he could fix or restore Zella’s powers.

“Back then, you sacrificed your powers as a prophet to unlock my potential.

You gave me the help that I needed.

Now that I’ve gained enough power, I should help restore yours,” James explained calmly.

The others standing around them did not think much of James’ words as they still saw him as Saint Zuriel.

As he walked toward Zella, James raised his hand and generated his powers in his palm.

Then, he gently placed his palm against Zella’s forehead and channeled his powers into her body.

At the same time, James’ actual body in the outside world appeared to be shaking a little.

James seemed to have violated some restrictions as he tried to restore Zella’s prophetic powers.

In an instant, he had incurred immense amounts of karma.

Both his actual body and his soul form came under huge pressure from the powers of karma.

The others could see how James’ soul form was at the brink of being crushed due to the destructive force of karma’s powers.

“Stop!” Wynton called out to him, “Your soul form might be destroyed if you insist on doing this.

You’ll be disqualified and sent out of the Orstellen Realm if your soul form breaks.” Still, James did not stop channeling his powers into Zella’s body.

Instead, he activated some of his signature skills to hold up against the powers of karma.

Soon enough, his soul form appeared to have stabilized significantly.

At that very moment, Zella was basked in a beam of light that was formed by countless inscriptions.

“The Endlos Light…” Thea exclaimed in surprise.

Meanwhile, James continued to channel his powers for quite some time.

Ten minutes later, he finally lowered his hand.

James looked at Zella and asked, “How do you feel right now?” Zella slowly opened her eyes.

There was an ethereal aura about her.

She smiled sweetly and answered, “I regained my powers.

Thank you, James.” Although none of their friends or family accepted James’ explanation, Zella still felt that the man before her was the real James.

James felt a huge sense of relief upon hearing her words.

Then, he asked, “You should use your prophetic powers to check and find out what we should do to become the winner of the Orstellen Realm’s test.”


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