The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5080

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5080-Zella was born with her prophetic powers.

She had lost the power when she tried to help James previously.

One would have to suffer the terrifying consequences of karma’s powers if they wanted to recover lost powers like Zella’s.

However, James had no such concerns at his level of skills and cultivation.

Upon hearing James’ request, Zella shut her eyes and fell silent.

A short while later, she opened her eyes again.

“Did you see anything?” James asked right away.

Zella responded, “The situation is a little complicated right now.

We have a large number of cultivators from the outside world entering the realm.

Also, there are other beings that exist in the Orstellen Realm.” “Just tell us what we should be aware of,” James said.

Zella explained, “We are facing both internal and external problems.

Some beings have begun to appear in the Orstellen Realm.

These beings do not welcome invaders like us, and they may become an obstacle in our efforts to eradicate the Extraterrestrial Demons.” “The only solution to our current situation is to handle our internal problem first.

Unification of the beings in the Orstellen Realm is necessary.

We also have to unite all the cultivators that have entered the Orstellen Realm to fight against the Extraterrestrial Demons.

” “T see.” James tapped on his jaw.

He fixed his gaze on the protective formation cast over the mega- city for a while.

“According to my estimate, this formation could last for about an epoch.

That means we have to subjugate the beings from the Orstellen Realm and the cultivators from the outside world within one epoch.” Thea knitted her brows upon hearing James’ conclusion.

“That would still be something virtually impossible.

It is fortunate for us that none of the members of the Orstellen Sect have entered the Orstellen Realm.

However, we would still be going up against superior, impressive cultivators from all ten districts, such as Zaden, Wyot, and Taran.

Not to mention the skilled cultivators from various hidden sects.

It would be extremely difficult to subjugate all these people.” “We still have to give it a shot.” James smiled confidently.

“I trust you, Your Holiness.” Hetsema flashed him a broad grin.

Hetsema did not really care whether Saint Zuriel was actually James or not as long as the latter had the status of the Orstellen Sect’s saint.

Thea asked in a flat voice, “What do you plan to do now?” James considered for a while and answered, “Taran has offered me protection in the past since he wishes to have a battle with me.

I plan to meet and fight with him this time.

Once I defeat Taran, it will be easier for us to proceed with other plans.” “You make it sound as though you are the real James.” Thea rolled her eyes again.

“You’ll know whether I’m telling the truth or not sooner or later,” James replied.

“Even King Marciais was no match for Taran.

Yet, you think you could defeat him?” Wynton looked at James doubtfully.

Everyone there was aware of how King Marciais had lost the battle to Taran recently.

They had not gotten the chance to see Saint Zuriel wield or unleash his powers.

However, they were mostly dubious about his abilities.

“We’ll find out about that when I try to battle him.” James grinned.

James felt rather confident in his powers and cultivation.

He had achieved the highest form of the Divine Martial Art and managed to generate the Heart Power.

James had also reached the Chaos Essencia Rank at the moment.

Although Taran’s cultivation rank was one rank higher above his, James was confident that he could make up for the difference in their powers by using the different signature skills he had.

“Suit yourself.

We won’t stop you,” Thea responded.

She seemed completely disinterested.

However, she was inwardly curious to find out how strong and powerful the Orstellen Sect’s saint was.

James used his Zen to locate Taran’s position.

“I’m going to meet Taran and issue a battle challenge now.

Do you guys want to come and watch?” James glanced at Thea and the others.

“Of course!” Zella replied, “I have faith in you, James.” Zella was the only person who believed that the man before them was the real James.


Let’s go.” James smiled and teleported away the next instant.


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