The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4955

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4955-James had managed to unlock the tenth form of the Boundless Pagoda and obtain the true Endlos Heart. He had also perfected his formation and picked up on the signature skill gifted by the Emperor of Tribulation, the Thunderous Tribulations.

Last but not least, James had advanced into the Chaos Rank. Although he had just achieved the rank not too long ago, James’ true powers and abilities were beyond the average Chaos Rank cultivators.

Henrik flashed him a grin. “This time, the two of us will work together and crush the Dooms!”

James gave a slight nod. Then, he said, ‘Til disguise as Wyot Dalibor and check how things are in the Doom Realm first. Meanwhile, you should enter the Doom Realm just like the other cultivators.”

“Alright.” Henrik nodded.

James took off right away. As he teleported toward the Doom Realm, James used his powers to modify his appearance, aura, and soul genesis. He had adopted Wyot’s appearance by the time he had arrived outside the Doom Race’s base.

The Dooms had opened their gates to visitors and cultivators since the Endlos Tournament was nearing. Many cultivators from ancient sects or factions had arrived in the

Doom Realm. Most of them were planning to win the Endlos Heart during the Endlos Tournament. Even if they couldn’t, those men would stay and watch until the end of the tournament to find out who would receive the Endlos Heart and become the new lord of Endlos.

James decided to drop by Mount Doom first. As soon as he had arrived inside the main hall, James spotted Xezal materializing in the hall as well.

James looked completely natural as he tried to speak in the way that Wyot would to anyone. “What are you doing here at Mount Doom? Shouldn’t you be busy preparing for the Endlos Tournament?”

“Where have you been lately?” Xezal sat in a chair nearby.

James replied nonchalantly, “I just stopped by a few places to take care of some errands.”

“Come with me. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Xezal got up and walked off toward the door. James followed behind her despite feeling slightly confused.

Soon enough, Xezal led James to a spiritual mountain located at the periphery of the Doom Race’s territory. James noticed that it was very quiet along the way and there weren’t any men standing guard around the area.

As both of them arrived near the top of the mountain, James could see a formation cast around the mountain top. Xezal stopped before the formation and conjured some inscriptions. When those inscriptions fused into the formation, a passage opened up before them.

After the two of them had entered through the passage, James spotted a black palace enclosed entirely within the formation. He could instantly detect a dark, malicious energy emanating from the palace.

James furrowed his brows. “Who’s the owner of this palace?

I can sense a very dark aura coming from it…”

Xezal did not respond to James’ question. She simply walked over to the palace’s entrance and entered the place. Despite that, James had an inkling that the person inside the palace was most likely the Extraterrestrial Demons’ second commander.

James hurried after Xezal. Upon entering the palace, James saw clouds of black mist floating above a seat placed at the center of a podium. As he was moving closer to the podium, the mist seemed to gather and form a silhouette in the seat. Eventually, a man in a black robe materialized before them.

“You’re here.” The man exuded an aura of malevolence.

“Mhm.” Xezal stopped before the man. “This man from the Doom Race is a genius cultivator who possesses the Thousand Paths Holy Body. He’ll be useful. You should be able to regain your full powers if you devour him.”


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