The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4956

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4956-Xezal’s words gave James quite a shock. The man narrowed his eyes and took a few steps backward away from Xezal.

Xezal turned around and fixed her gaze on James. An enigmatic smile flickered across her face. “Don’t worry, Wyot. I won’t destroy your soul, so you’ll have a chance to be reborn in our world. With the memories of your current life intact, you will still be considered a member of the Doom Race. The position as the patriarch of the Doom Race will still be yours once you return.”

James stared at Xezal with a perplexed look in his eyes.

‘I never thought Xezal would go so far as to use Wyot like this. If the real Wyot was here, he would most likely end up becoming a sacrifice for Xezal’s plans.’ James thought.

“Who’s that man?” James asked in a steely voice.

Xezal took a step closer toward James. “His name is Mekaisto Xelqart. He was once a powerful and skilled cultivator. However, he’s suffered serious injuries, and he needs your Thousand Paths Holy Body to recover his powers. It’s best if you cooperate with us, Wyot.”

“He’s an Extraterrestrial Demon,” James said bitingly.

“So what if he is?” Xezal replied straightforwardly.

Meanwhile, Mekaisto remained in his seat. A cynical smirk hung on the man’s face as he watched the exchange between the pair before him.

Mekaisto was certain that Wyot would not be able to leave the formation set around the palace at his current level of cultivation. Therefore, he was eager to find out whether a genius cultivator like Wyot would agree to sacrifice himself for his people.

James was also quickly assessing the situation.

‘I have confirmed that the man sitting there is an Extraterrestrial Demon Commander. If I can get rid of him now, Xezal will no longer be able to carry on with her plans.

‘However, when I tried to check the man’s cultivation rank just now, all I could detect was an infinite darkness. I couldn’t sense his actual cultivation rank at all.

‘This isn’t a good time for me to attack him. I should leave first.’ James concluded inwardly.

“Fine,” James began, “I’m willing to sacrifice myself. However, I want to know where you are keeping Yardos Xagorari. I’ll cooperate once you set him free.”

Xezal’s brows twitched as she heard those words. After a few seconds, she fixed James with a stony gaze. “You’re not Wyot Dalibor. You are…”

“That’s right.”

James removed his disguise and assumed his true appearance at that moment.

“Mekaisto, seize him!”

Xezal kept her eyes trained on James as she backed away immediately. She was well aware of James’ skills and abilities. The man had managed to kill several Chaos Rank cultivators on his own back in the Chaos Arena. Xezal was obviously no match for him.

In a flash, James teleported and reappeared before Xezal. Before she could escape, James grabbed the lady by her throat.

Strangely enough, Mekaisto just sat in the chair without moving a single muscle.

The man seemed cold and aloof as he gazed at James.’ You’re James Caden, aren’t you? I’ve heard about you. You have received Emperor Raiah’s treasures and learned his signature skills. However, your cultivation rank is still relatively low. I’ve put up the formation around this place, and you won’t be able to leave unless I permit it. This is where you’ll die, James Caden.”

James had sealed Xezal’s cultivation base and made her powerless.

The lady shouted desperately, “Hurry up and devour him! He possesses the Thousand Paths Holy Body too!”

“Don’t move.”

James tightened his grip on Xezal’s neck. The latter let out a shrill scream from the pain.

James turned his eyes to Mekaisto. “As the second commander of the Extraterrestrial Demons, should you really be working with Xezal Dalibor or the Dooms? Why don’t you work with me instead? I’ll offer you double the reward that the Dooms have proposed to you.”

Mekaisto finally rose from his seat. An overwhelming aura emanated from the man as he slowly got up.

Suddenly, clouds of black aura gathered before Mekaisto and formed the shape of a huge hand. Then, the hand flew toward James in an attempt to catch its target.


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