The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4958

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4958-“Remove the seal you’ve placed on me first,” Xezal demanded.

James snapped his fingers.

As Xezal could feel the flow of her powers again, she lifted her hand and conjured an inscription. “The map that shows the location where Yardos Xagorari is being detained is recorded in this inscription. You can find him by referring to the map”

James took the inscription from Xezal and examined it with his Zen. After he had confirmed that it was really a map, James focused his powers and directed an attack at Xezal. The lady’s body was shredded to bits in an instant.

James knew that he had merely destroyed a clone of the actual entity. Still, he wanted to exterminate Xezal.

After that, James turned his gaze toward Wyot. “It’s getting more and more dangerous in the Dooms’ territory. You should leave and stay away for the time being. I wouldn’t want you to be captured and devoured by the

extraterrestrial demon. If that man regains his full powers, it’ll be even more difficult for me to kill him.”

A small frown creased Wyot’s forehead. He was almost used as a sacrifice by his own kind. Now, he had even become a fugitive.

Wyot looked at James and gave a slight nod. “I’ll leave right away. Thank you.”

After Wyot had left, James remained in the same spot as he fell into deep thought. After quite some time, he decided to get in touch with Henrik.

Henrik showed up not too long after that.

“Do you have news of Sir Yardos’ whereabouts, James?”

He received the map provided by Xezal from James.

Henrik’s expression hardened gradually as he inspected the map.

“She’s kept Sir Yardos confined in the Dark World, which is located near the Hazeaf District. We wouldn’t be able to make it to join the Endlos Tournament if we chose to travel to the Dark World to rescue him. This is clearly a plan of distraction. She’s making you leave so that she can proceed with her plans.”

James nodded. “I know. Xezal must have been prepared for this. She knows I won’t give up on saving Yardos. So, she trapped him in a faraway place. Even if we did make it to attend the Endlos Tournament as planned, she would have used this to make us leave the Doom Universe. Also, she must have set up some kind of formations or entrapments around the place where Yardos is being confined. It’s going to be a very dangerous rescue mission.”

After a moment’s consideration, Henrik started, “James, the only way to do this is for me to rescue Sir Yardos while you stay in the Chaos District and participate in the Endlos Tournament…”

He continued, “However, the extraterrestrial demon who is helping Xezal is quite an impressive cultivator. I’ve fought the man previously, and I’m worried you might not be able to handle that fellow alone.”

James patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about me. I am going to use every means I have to stop Xezal’s plans. On the contrary, you should be careful on your way to rescue Yardos. I can already imagine how difficult it will be since Xezal obviously wants to keep me away from here.”

Henrik felt a slight sense of relief after hearing James’ words.

‘Try your best to drag out the time and wait for me to come back, James. Though I haven’t mastered any techniques like the Blithe Omniscience to help me travel quickly, I have nonetheless received Zeno’s teachings on Rune Art. I have made a batch of runes that can help me teleport through the Endlos Void much faster. It’ll shorten the time I need to reach where Sir Yardos is and return here. I’ll get going now!”

Henrik teleported and vanished from the spot right after saying that.

James heaved a small sigh as he gazed in the direction in which Henrik would be traveling. He hoped desperately that Henrik would succeed in rescuing Yardos and make it back safely.

After a while, James changed his appearance and aura with his powers. In a flash, he had assumed the appearance of a rogue cultivator. Then, the man made his way back to the

Doom Universe.

Meanwhile, Teresa, who had just lost a clone, was suffering severe after-effects. She had lost all color in her face and coughed up some blood.


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