The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4959

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4959-However, the lady couldn’t be bothered about her internal injuries. She hurriedly left Mount Chaos and headed for Mekaisto’s palace.

“What was that just now?!” Teresa strode toward Mekaisto. ” How did James Caden manage to damage your formation and get away?”

Mekaisto had a grim expression on his face. “I didn’t expect he could do that either. Theoretically speaking, James Caden wouldn’t be able to break my formation with his Chaos Rank powers. Yet, he did just now. That means his powers are very likely above that of the average Chaos Rank cultivators. He might become a threat to our plans later on.”

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Teresa continued, Tve devised a plan to lure him to a distant location. He won’t be able to get back here so soon. By the time he managed to return, the Endlos Tournament would be over, and we would have succeeded in completing the ritual to offer the Chaos District as a sacrifice. The Chaos District would be gone by then.”

She paused and heaved a deep breath. “I was planning to execute the plan and get rid of James Caden once and for all after the Endlos Tournament was over. I didn’t expect him to have grown so much stronger this quickly. So, I had to reveal Yardos Xagorari’s whereabouts to him in advance.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Mekaisto narrowed his eyes. “We should move ahead with the plan quickly.”

Teresa nodded. “The formation encapsulating the entire Chaos District has been completed for quite some time. We just need more power to activate it.”

‘We already have many cultivators entering and staying at Mount Chaos. We’ll just kill some of them and use their powers to fuel the formation.”


While Teresa and Mekaisto were discussing their next step, James had reentered Mount Chaos. Countless other cultivators from the ten districts had also arrived at Mount Chaos. Each of them was offered a place to stay on the spiritual mountains located within the range of Mount Chaos, including James.

That night, James decided to have a stroll in the backyard before heading to bed. Just as he was gazing at the stars in the dark sky, James suddenly sensed the presence of a malicious aura.

James immediately teleported toward the direction in which the unsettling aura was coming from. However, just as he had arrived at the place where the aura’s presence was the strongest, James noticed that the aura had mysteriously disappeared.

The only thing left in the room James had just entered was the remains of an elderly man. James crouched down beside the corpse and observed it closely. James could tell

that the deceased elder was a Quasi Chaos Rank cultivator when he was still alive. The old man appeared to have died after all of his powers and energies were drained from his body. The condition of his remains was horrifying as his body was completely dried up.

At that very moment, James sensed an approaching sword energy aiming for his back. He swiftly dodged to the side.

“You bastard! How dare you harm my master!”

A lady swung her sword at James heavily as she shouted at the top of her voice, “Murderer! There’s a murderer here!”

Soon enough, a huge crowd had gathered in and around the room after hearing the lady’s screams.

The lady stopped attacking James. Instead, she pointed at James and asked furiously, “Who are you? Why did you do such a horrible thing to my master?!”

James frowned. “Did you see me do it?”

“You were the only other person in the room when I got here just now!” the lady rebuked.

James lifted his hand. Suddenly, everyone felt a shift in the pressure around them as a strange scene played out before them.

James used his powers to reverse time to the moment before the elderly cultivator had died. When the old man was conducting a meditation in the room, a huge cloud of dark aura appeared out of nowhere and rushed past the man. The old man was instantly turned into a dried corpse, and it fell on the floor. Then, James arrived a few seconds later.


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