The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4960

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4960-Most of the cultivators were unnerved as they watched the moments leading to the death of the elderly cultivator.

Among the crowd, some of those men were the grand patriarchs of several hidden sects that Henrik and the other human cultivators had visited personally.

These men had traveled to the Doom Universe after learning about Xezal’s plans. However, most of them remained silent even after seeing the scene showing the elderly cultivator’s death.

On the other hand, the other cultivators were discussing fervently among themselves as a sense of uneasiness spread in the crowd.

“Where’s the patriarch of the Doom Race? Shouldn’t he offer us an explanation regarding this incident?”

Just as someone had demanded the presence of the Doom Race’s patriarch, an elderly man materialized in the room simultaneously. It was Youri Dalibor, the patriarch of the Doom Race.

“What’s the matter?” Youri eventually noticed the body lying on the floor. A small frown drew his brows together.

James, who had put on a disguise, answered, “I have no idea what happened either. I detected a bad aura in this direction. By the time I got here, this elderly gentleman had already been murdered.”


The sounds of someone screaming came from a nearby spiritual mountain.

James and the people who had gathered inside the room immediately hurried toward the direction where they had heard the screaming. Unfortunately, the group of them only found two more bodies that had died in a similar condition just like the first victim.

James knitted his brows.

‘It seems Xezal has made her first move. She probably felt threatened after our exchange, so she moved her plans forward.’ James thought.

‘The Dooms are conspiring with the extraterrestrial demons! We should leave the Doom Universe and the Chaos District at once!” James stepped out of the crowd and shouted aloud.

Meanwhile, more and more cultivators had fallen victim to the dark aura, which seemed to appear in random places across Mount Chaos. In a matter of minutes, dozens of cultivators had perished.

As the other cultivators were alarmed by the mysterious deaths happening around them, most of them tried to leave Mount Chaos. However, to their horror, they found that the mountain formation covering the entire Doom Race’s territory was activated once again. No one was able to exit the formation.

The mountain formation was formed by the Heavenly Paths of all ten districts. Even cultivators of the grand patriarch level would not have the power to break or lift the formation.

Soon afterward, countless cultivators gathered at the main hall of the Doom Race’s territory to request Youri to lift the mountain formation. Youri, on the other hand, was completely clueless about the strange incidents that were happening simultaneously in their land.

“What’s going on?” The soft voice of a lady rang across the room just then.

A ravishing woman walked into the main hall. It was Xezal.

“You vile woman!” an elderly cultivator who was aware of Xezal’s association with the extraterrestrial demons bellowed furiously.

The man generated his powers and lunged at Xezal with his fist forward. However, the man was sent flying backward by an immense force before he had gotten close enough to his target. As the elderly cultivator of the Chaos Rank fell onto the ground, he immediately coughed up several mouthfuls of blood.

Even though the Endlos Heart Xezal possessed was not real, it was still capable of triggering the powers of the ten districts’ Heavenly Paths. Therefore, Xezal was able to manipulate that power to protect herself.

Xezal did not even spare the elderly cultivator a second glance. She walked over to the seat placed at the center of the hall and sat down calmly.

“Xezal Dalibor, what is the meaning of all this?” Someone in the crowd yelled angrily.

Xezal replied matter-of-factly, “I will look into these incidents right away. Also, I’ve activated the mountain formation to prevent the culprit from escaping. I suspect that the perpetrator is hiding amongst us right now.”


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