The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4961

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4961-Xezal activated the mountain formation to prevent everyone from escaping. It was not the right time to get on everyone’s bad side.

Although the formation to sacrifice the entire Chaos District had been set up, it required substantial energy to be activated. Moreover, full activation would take some time.

She wanted to ensure there were no variables to her plan, or else her efforts would be in vain.

“Is that so?”

At that moment, an old man wearing a white robe walked out of the crowd. It was none other than the Saber Sect’s Grand Patriarch, the Sword Master.

The Sword Master stepped forward and said, “Before I arrived here, I heard the Dooms have colluded with the Extraterrestrial Demons.”

Xezal stood up and refuted, “Nonsense! Who spread the false rumors?”

The Grand Patriarch of another hidden sect also stepped forward and said, “You’ve gone through so much effort to hold the Endlos Tournament and lure us here so that you can kill us, extract our energy, and then resurrect your father, right?

“You’re also planning to sacrifice the entire Chaos District.”

The Grand Patriarchs of several hidden sects exposed Xezal’s plan.

Xezal broke out in cold sweat.

Mekaisto had already left the Dooms’ territory with the last bit of energy into the formation. He could not return soon, so Xezal had to buy some time.

Xezal retorted, “Nonsense! The humans are the ones colluding with the Extraterrestrial Demons.”

After speaking, Xezal showed them the scene of Yardos meeting with the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander and saving the Extraterrestrial Demons inside the Chaos Tablet.

Xezal said, “I used the Endlos Heart to gain insight into these events. The humans have already allied with the Extraterrestrial Demons. Yardos is the main mastermind. James and the other humans are his accomplices.

‘The humans are the ones trying to sacrifice the Chaos District. They have already started evacuating the Human Universe and are on their way out of the Chaos District.

“I’ve already known about their plans for a long time and wanted to expose their scheme during the Endlos Tournament. Then, we could come up with a countermeasure together. However, I had to reveal everything in advance because I was being suspected just now.

‘The Human Race has been secretly meddling in the Doom Race’s Endlos Tournament and using every possible means to drive a wedge between us and the other sects.”

Xezal’s words were so reasonable and well-founded that even James would have believed her if he was clueless about the truth.

The Human Universe had indeed started evacuating the Chaos District, and the scene of Yardos meeting with the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander was also real.

After hearing Xezal’s explanation, everyone present became confused and unsure about who to believe.

James became anxious after noticing them wavering. He stood up and said, “Don’t be fooled. So many powerhouses have already died in the Dooms’ territory. Isn’t that enough evidence to prove their wicked plans?”

Xezal glared at James and said coldly, “What can their deaths in our territory prove? The humans have ill intentions and want to frame us. You humans deliberately killed these powerhouses in our territory. If we were the masterminds, we would never act in our own territory.”

She pointed at James and accused him, “He’s also a human colluding with the Extraterrestrial Demons! Take him down!!!”

With Xezal’s order, a few fully-armed soldiers rushed into the hall and besieged James.


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