The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4962

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4962-Xezal was still unaware the cultivator she was accusing was James. However, he had stepped forward and pointed fingers at her. Therefore, he naturally became her enemy, and she had to eliminate him.

The soldiers were dressed in black armor and were wielding swords. As soon as they entered the hall, the other powerhouses stepped back and cleared an area for them.

They could not tell what was the truth and were still confused. Therefore, they did not want to act rashly before having a clearer picture of the situation.

James was not bothered by the soldiers. He looked at Xezal, casually waved his hand, and a scene began to play before everyone. In the scene, Xezal brought Wyot to a spiritual mountain in the Dooms’ territory. Then, the two opened a formation and met with an Extraterrestrial Demon. The scene of Wyot almost being devoured was also shown.

‘This…” The powerhouses inside the hall were shocked.

“You think a fake illusion is enough to make me the scapegoat?”

Xezal’s face darkened. She raised the Endlos Heart, and a dazzling light emerged, shattering the scene that James had presented. Then, she ordered, “Take him down! After the new Endlos Lord is chosen, he shall punish this man who has conspired with the Extraterrestrial Demons!”

The ancient powerhouses present were immediately intrigued by the mention of the Endlos Lord.

James sneered, “Hah.”

The soldiers charged at James, and countless Sword Energy slashed at him.

However, James remained unscathed.


Shockwaves permeated the area and destroyed the hall. Countless cultivators flew up from the ruins.

James also floated steadily in the sky, surrounded by soldiers.

Xezal’s face was grim. She stared at James and thought to herself, ‘Who the hell is he? Could it be James?1

However, she quickly dismissed the thought. She had already lured James out of the Chaos District, and he was on the way to save Yardos. It was impossible for him to still be in the Dooms’ territory.

‘If it’s not James, who is it? Henrik, perhaps?’

To Xezal, the only humans that could pose a threat to her were James and Henrik, who had somehow acquired the Grand Purge Formation.

Without Mekaisto, Xezal was not confident dealing with James and Henrik alone. Regardless of the identity of the human before her, her goal was to buy as much time as possible. She wanted to deal with the troublesome human

with the Endlos Heart.

James also had an Endlos Heart, but his was genuine. However, the Endlos Heart was James’ trump card against the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Second Commander, Mekaisto. Therefore, he did not want to expose it before Mekaisto appeared.


At that moment, the soldiers surrounding James launched another attack.

James did not want to hurt the Dooms’ soldiers, who were oblivious to the truth. However, they had already taken action against him. Thus, he no longer showed mercy. With the wave of a hand, he summoned a few mysterious inscriptions that contained terrifying power.


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