The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4963

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4963-The inscriptions’ power spread, and the soldiers instantly evaporated.

Xezal realized the human before her was incredibly powerful and had to be either Henrik or James. Her opponent was one she was incapable of handling alone.

She said, “The Endlos Tournament will start in advance!

Whoever kills that human will be rewarded with the Endlos Heart! The Endlos Heavenly Path recognizes the one who possesses the Endlos Heart as the new Endlos Lord!”

A few powerhouses were instantly intrigued by her words.

James looked at the powerhouses about to take action against him and reprimanded them, “You’ve all lived for so long but can’t even tell right from wrong. A fake Endlos Heart and the position as the Endlos Lord is enough to fool you and make you lose all logic!

“You’re saying it’s fake?” Xezal sneered.

Immediately afterward, she activated the Endlos Heart. At that moment, the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths gathered around her. She was surrounded by a colorful light, making her look like an ethereal being.

With the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths shrouding her body, her aura instantly skyrocketed. She looked like a peerless goddess, and a few weaker cultivators even had the urge to worship her.

After sensing the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths, a few powerhouses were tempted.

“Stop your nonsense, Demon!” An elderly man with a long white beard, dressed in a gray robe, stepped forward and leaped into the sky.

The elderly man emitting a powerful aura was the Grand Patriarch of a hidden sect and was at the peak of the Chaos Transcendere Rank. His cultivation base was more potent than Lucius, who was acknowledged as the Endlos’ strongest cultivator.

James looked at him coldly and sneered, ‘The peak of the Chaos Transcendere Rank? Step down. I don’t want to have to kill you or anyone else. The more that die, the more energy Zaden will absorb for his resurrection.”

The elderly man mocked, “Even now, you’re still trying to deceive us?”

The elderly man was the Grand Patriarch of a hidden family, the Xenakis. His name was Bardwell Xenaki.

Bardwell summoned a battle axe and swung at James. His attack seemed like it could split the void apart.

James cast the Blithe Omniscience and dodged the attack.

He came to the Dooms to prevent Xezal’s scheme, not to fight against the powerhouses from these hidden sects. Killing them would only be helping Xezal’s plan.

‘The Blithe Omniscience?” Xezal’s face darkened.

She was sure that the man was James.

The Blithe Omniscience was a Supernatural Power created by Yardos. In the Human Race, there were only a handful that had cultivated it. There were even fewer people who had such high proficiency in it.

Xezal shouted, “What’s your goal for sneaking into our territory, James?!! Are you trying to stir up conflict between us and the other sects? You want us to fight so the humans will reap the benefits, right?”

Her voice resounded throughout the area.

The powerhouses present were shocked after hearing James’ name.

Everyone was aware of James’ strength. In the Chaos Arena, James shattered the Tenfold Purge Formation and killed several powerhouses at the Chaos Rank.

“Is it really him?” Among the crowd in the distance, a woman in a purple dress stared at James.

The woman was none other than Waleria.

Waleria had accompanied the Theos Sect’s Leader, Sedris, to attend the Endlos Tournament.

James did not think about hiding his identity anymore. He transformed back into his actual appearance and said calmly, “You’re right, it’s me. As long as I’m here, I won’t let your plan succeed, Xezal.”

“Haha!!!” Xezal let out a cold and murderous laughter.


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