The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4964

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4964-James and Xezal glared at each other, their eyes full of hostility.

Xezal said coldly, “Yardos is colluding with the Extraterrestrial Demons. How do you explain your close relationship with Yardos?”

Xezal used every means to buy time until the formation around the Chaos District activated. Soon, it would be a killing spree, and the entire Chaos District would be sacrificed.

Mekaisto had gone to activate the formation, and Xezal had to wait for his return. Otherwise, the situation would get out of her control.

“She’s right. Give us an explanation, James.”

“Are you working with the Extraterrestrial Demons as well?”

The powerhouses questioning James trusted him. However, Xezal claimed to have used the Endlos Heart to gain a vision of Yardos rescuing the Extraterrestrial Demons. Therefore, they had doubts about Yardos.

James did not bother explaining himself. He said, ‘The Extraterrestrial Demon’s Second Commander is within Mount Chaos. If you can’t trust me, how about we head there and find out the truth?”

He looked toward Xezal and asked, “Shall we go together?”

Xezal replied, “Why not?”

James thought Xezal would try to obstruct him in every way possible. A bad premonition rose in his heart after seeing her agree without hesitation. He thought to himself, ‘Could the Extraterrestrial Demons have already left?’

He released his Zen and scanned the spiritual mountain that Xezal had met with the Extraterrestrial Demons. The formation around it was still active. His Zen was unable to penetrate it to detect Mekaisto’s presence.

With the current circumstances, James had no choice but to try it.

Xezal gestured to him, saying, “Lead the way.”

James walked ahead of them. In a flash, he appeared on the spiritual mountain where Mekaisto was. A large group of cultivators arrived after him.

Everyone immediately sensed the mysterious formation around the spiritual mountain and looked at Xezal.

One of them said, “Open the formation, Xezal. Let us check the area.”

Xezal opened the formation without any hesitation.

After opening the formation, the spiritual mountain appeared before their eyes. The dark palace had been replaced with an extravagant and majestic palace. There were also a few soldiers from the Dooms inside the palace.

Xezal explained, “This spiritual mountain is our holy site. Only core members are permitted to enter.”

Noticing that nothing was abnormal, everyone’s gaze turned to James.

Xezal asked coldly, ‘What do you have to say now, James?”

James’ brows furrowed. He was sure Mekaisto was responsible for the previous killings. How did he suddenly disappear?

“You better explain yourself, James. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave this place alive.”

‘What else do you have to say now, James?”

The powerhouses questioned James.

James took a deep breath.

Xezal was meticulous with her plan.

James felt it was unnecessary to explain to these powerhouses who were blind to the truth. Since the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Second Commander was not around, it was the perfect chance to kill Xezal.

He said calmly, “I’ve nothing to say. The truth will come to light soon. Unfortunately, you guys might already be dead by then. The moment everyone stepped into the Dooms’ territory, you’d already been destined to die. Your only chance of survival is to join forces with me.”

James’ voice resounded in the area.

Bardwell shouted coldly, “Arrogant! I’d like to see if you’re as terrifying as the rumors make you to be.”


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