The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4965

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4965-Bardwell gripped on his axe and launched at James. He wanted to be the one who killed James so that he could obtain the Endlos Heart and become the Endlos Lord. He would gain control over the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Path and have the most significant authority in the Endlos.

The golden axe swung at James with great momentum.

Before the golden axe landed on James, its terrifying force shattered the mountains below them. Many of the Dooms’ cultivators were obliterated instantly.

They did not even have the chance to scream before they were completely wiped out of existence. After their deaths, the Spiritual Powers that remained disappeared into the void.

James immediately had a bad feeling after witnessing everything. However, he did not have much time to think. Faced with the axe coming his way, he quickly entered the Omniscience Path. His Blood Energy churned, and his bloodline powers formed a halo on his body’s surface. A terrifying aura emerged on his body and formed a second halo. At the same time, his soul’s aura also skyrocketed and formed the third halo.

James’ body was instantly shrouded by three halos.

‘The Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Rank?” Xezal’s face darkened.

After entering the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Rank, James was incredibly powerful. He raised his hand, and a powerful force emerged to block Bardwell’s axe. The next moment, he cast the Blithe Omniscience and disappeared. Suddenly, he reemerged behind Bardwell.

Before Bardwell could react, he was struck. He spat a mouthful of blood and crashed into the distant spiritual mountain.


The spiritual mountain was destroyed, and cracks began to spread throughout the ground.

The Dooms within the spiritual mountain were killed instantly.

James defeated Bardwell, who had entered the Chaos Transcendere Rank, with just one strike.

Although James could overpower Bardwell in the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Rank, killing a powerhouse at the Chaos Transcendere Rank was not easy.


A disheveled old man climbed out of the rubble.

Bardwell roared, “Die, James!!!”

‘You don’t know when to give up.” James looked at him indifferently, then waved his word.

A powerful formation immediately emerged and trapped Bardwell in the sky.

Xezal shouted, “What is everyone waiting for? Quickly take action together and take James down!”

Several powerhouses instantly charged at James.

However, the majority of the crowd chose to continue observing the situation. Although they did not believe James, they did not trust Xezal either.

Dozens of powerhouses surrounded James.

Those who took action against James were confident in their strength. They were either Sect Leaders or Grand Patriarchs of hidden sects. All of them were exceptionally strong, and even the weakest was at the Chaos Transcendere Rank.

A few Chaos Omnia Rank had also charged at James.

Before these hidden sects re-emerged, a powerhouse at the Chaos Omnia Rank was strong enough to obliterate the Ten Districts. Yet, there were several of them in one place now.

Those who took action were eager to obtain the Endlos Heart, and they accounted for about one-tenth of the hidden sects’ powerhouses.

A wicked smile appeared on Xezal’s face.

James said solemnly, “Do you all really want to die so badly?”

He looked at Xezal. Although Xezal’s actions made him furious, he admired her intelligence. She took advantage of the powerhouses’ greed. Even though they did not know the truth yet, many still stepped forward to fight him to obtain

the Endlos Heart. These powerhouses combined were no match for him, but he could not kill them.

James had a headache from the situation.


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