The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4966

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4966-James’ only option was to temporarily seal away these powerhouses. Without casting a formation, it would be hard to do so. However, James did not want to use formations so early in the battle.

“What a troublesome situation.”

James massaged his forehead. Then, he looked at Xezal in the distance and shouted, ‘Your motives for killing me is to obtain the Endlos Heart and become the Endlos Lord. Right now, the Endlos Heart is in Xezal’s hands. You can easily snatch it from her, so why bother trying to kill me?”

James’ words turned to focus on Xezal.

Xezal’s expression darkened. She raised the Endlos Heart, and a bright light emerged, attracting the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths. Shrouded with their powers, she looked incredibly mighty, and her aura was intimidating.

The powerhouses immediately sensed the powers of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths. If it were only the power of one district, they would not have any fear. However, they were wary of the powers of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths combined. Killing Xezal and snatching the Endlos Heart was much more difficult than killing James.

Xezal said coldly, “Stop trying to sow discord between us, James!” She turned to the powerhouses and said, “My seniors, I promise to keep my word. Whoever kills James will be qualified to become the Endlos Lord.”

A powerhouse shouted at James, “Surrender, James. Perhaps we might let you live.”

James did not want to waste time convincing them. He quickly cast the Blithe Omniscience and appeared before Xezal.

Xezal already predicted that James would take action against her. Just as James was about to strike, a protective barrier formed by the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths surrounded her body.

James struck the protective barrier but was blasted away by its power.

Even though the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Ran was powerful, James could not destroy the protective barrier formed by the powers of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths.

“I have the Endlos Heart protecting me, James. Even a powerhouse at the peak of the Chaos Omnia Rank won’t be able to harm me. You’re only at the Chaos IIIimita Rank and think you can hurt me?” Xezal laughed.

James could not deny that she was beautiful when she smiled. However, underneath her beauty was a corrupted heart.

After James was knocked away, his arm went numb. He swung his arm several times and mobilized his powers to heal his injuries.

At that moment, the other powerhouses seized the chance to attack.

James looked at them indifferently and summoned countless inscriptions. The inscriptions gathered into a massive Sealing Formation, instantly trapping those trying to attack him.


A few powerhouses broke free from the formation in just a few seconds.


A bright Sword Energy appeared in the sky. James chose to avoid it instead of taking it head-on.

A spiritual mountain in the Dooms’ territory was destroyed instantly.

The surrounding area was protected by a formation that Xezal had set up with the Endlos Heart. Without it, these powerhouses’ attacks would have destroyed the entire Chaos District.

James felt frustrated by the situation. He understood it was impossible to avoid a battle, and the current situation could only be resolved with a fight. However, the Dooms would be wiped out. There was a woman among the Dooms who had a complicated relationship with him-Yemima.

At that moment, Yemima was standing atop Mount Doom. She looked into the distance with a solemn expression.

After James evaded the fatal blow, he instantly appeared before Yemima.

‘You…” Yemima was slightly startled by James’ sudden appearance. She took a few steps backward and looked at him warily.


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