The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4967

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4967-James asked, “Do you trust me?” “I…”

Just when Yemima was about to speak, a powerhouse charged at James, and a powerful force permeated the air.

James wrapped his arms around Yemima’s slender waist and fled the area.


Mount Doom was destroyed instantly, and cracks spread throughout the ground.

The powerhouse’s destructive force caused countless spiritual mountains to collapse. As a result, numerous members of the Dooms died tragically. However, Xezal was unaffected by their deaths.

James appeared in the sky somewhere else within the Dooms’ territory.

“L-Let go!” Yemima tried to break free but could not leave James’ embrace.

James ignored her struggles and analyzed the formation surrounding the Dooms’ territory. His priority was to open the formation and send Yemima out to safety. He had to ensure those related to him were safe before he could go all out.

He detected that the formation was potent, but it was not a problem for him to decipher.

He came to the formation’s border and secretly activated ten different powers. He concentrated them into his fist and swung at the formation.


The formation that Xezal had deployed with the Endlos Heart cracked and disintegrated.

As soon as the formation broke, James disappeared from the Dooms’ territory. Shortly after, he arrived at the Human Universe’s border. He let go of Yemima and said, “The truth will be brought to light very soon. I’m doing this to save your life. I want you to safely get through this.”

After leaving a few words, James disappeared from the spot, leaving the perplexed Yemima behind. The next moment, he returned to Mount Chaos.

The formation around the Dooms’ territory had been shattered.

James floated in the sky and looked at the powerhouses, saying, ‘The formation here has already been broken. For those who don’t want to die, leave right away. If you insist on staying and dying, don’t blame me for not holding back.”

Xezal never expected James to break the formation she had set up with the Endlos Heart. James’ strength had exceeded her expectations.

‘The formation I set up to prevent the Extraterrestrial

Demons from escaping has been broken. James is trying to help them escape. Once they leave this place, it’ll become a disaster for the Ten Districts. Join forces with me to capture him. Then, we’ll interrogate him about the Extraterrestrial Demons’ whereabouts.”

Xezal had no choice but to take action herself. Although her cultivation rank was only at the Quasi Chaos Rank, she had the Endlos Heart and could gather the power of the Ten Districts’ Heavenly Paths, giving her incredible strength. She looked mighty as the dazzling light shrouded her body.

Xezal walked toward James step by step, emitting murderous intent.

As soon as Xezal made a move, those attacking James immediately retreated. They wanted to wait until James and Xezal were exhausted, then reap the benefits.

Xezal cursed out, “Cowards.”

Now that the formation had been opened, a few weaker cultivators quickly escaped the area. They had no interest in obtaining the Endlos Heart, knowing they were too weak to compete.

Xezal also did not bother chasing after them. As long as they did not leave the Chaos District, they would not be able to escape death after the formation around the Chaos District was activated. Once the formation activates, everyone in the Chaos District will die.

A man and woman stood in the distance, away from the Dooms’ territory.

Waleria asked anxiously, “What should we do now, Sir?

Please help James.”

Sedris replied helplessly, “How am I going to help? I’m only at the late stage of the Chaos lllimita Rank. I’m not strong enough to get involved in this battle. Xezal has the Endlos Heart, and her strength is unfathomable. If I intervene, I’ll probably be killed in one blow.”


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