The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4971

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4971-James discovered black holes had also appeared all over the Chaos Districts, and countless monsters emerged.

Every region of the Chaos District had fallen into chaos.

Many races, sects, and families had led their disciples to fight against the monsters. However, the Chaos Districts’ overall strength was too weak, and they were no match for the armies of monsters.

A few weaker sects were wiped out in just a short moment.

With the current situation, the living beings of the Chaos District would be completely wiped out within tens of thousands of years at most.

James understood the severity of the matter. He quickly cast a Supernatural Power and went live throughout the Chaos District. His broadcast was projected throughout the Nine Districts.

He took out the real Endlos Heart.

The Endlos Heart was the size of a basketball and emitted a dazzling white glow.

“My fellow cultivators…”

James’ broadcast played in a few core cities of powerful universes, and his voice resounded.

“It’s me, James Caden.

‘The Extraterrestrial Demons have invaded and are currently besieging the Chaos District. The Chaos Districts’ Doom Race has colluded with the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Second Commander, planning to destroy the entire Chaos District.

“In front of me is the real Endlos Heart. As the Endlos Lord, I ask powerhouses from various sects and families throughout the Ten Districts to come to the Chaos District to support us in the battle against the Extraterrestrial Demons. We must kill these Extraterrestrial Demons, stop the Dooms’ plan, and save the Chaos District.”

Immediately afterward, James showed the monster besieging the different regions of the Chaos District in his broadcast.

James was pleading for their help but also issuing an order as the Endlos Lord.

He was powerful but could not solve the Chaos Districts’ disaster alone. He needed more powerhouses to join the battle and deal with the army of monsters continuously emerging from the black holes.

Meanwhile, his main goal was to find and kill Mekaisto.

With Mekaisto’s death, the battle would come to an end.

At that moment, the Human Universe was still advancing rapidly through the Endlos Void. The Human Universe had not left the Chaos District. Fortunately, Extraterrestrial Demons had not appeared near them.

Jacopo sat in the highest seat in the Heavenly Court’s main hall. Countless powerhouses from the Human Race also gathered together.

After watching the broadcast, Jacopo stood up and said,” The Chaos District is under attack by Extraterrestrial Demons. How can we just leave? Warriors of the Heavenly Court, hear my order! We shall head back and kill the Extraterrestrial Demons!”

Jacopo’s voice resounded throughout the Human Universe.

“Yes, Sir!” A loud and orderly voice came from outside the main hall. Shortly after, countless warriors of the Heavenly Court assembled.

“What should we do?” Wyndael looked toward the Ancestral Blood Master.

Among the humans, the Ancestral Blood Master was the strongest. He was also the only one who had reached the Chaos Rank.

The Ancestral Blood Master had a solemn expression. After considering it, he said, ‘The Chaos District is in danger. How can we just sit back and ignore it? However, who will continue to lead the Human Universe out of the Chaos District if we all go to war?”

Thea stepped forward and said, “Father, you should stay to continue moving the Human Universe. Meanwhile, the rest of us will join the battle.”

The Ancestral Blood Master shook his head and disapproved, “I can’t allow that.”

He looked to James’ children and said, “Winnie, Xainte, Jacopo, Noel. You four stay in the Heavenly Court and continue moving the Human Universe. The rest come with me.”

The Ancestral Blood Master knew it would be a deadly fight. Therefore, he refused to let James’ children participate in the war.


The Ancestral Blood Master said decisively, “I’ve already decided.”

Then, he ordered, “Heavenly Court Army, assemble!”


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