The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4972

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4972-After seeing James’ call for help, the Ancestral Blood Master and the powerhouses of the Heavenly Court assembled.

Meanwhile, the Verde Academy’s main hall, Lothar, summoned the elders and powerhouses of the Five Houses for a meeting.

‘The Extraterrestrial Demons have launched an attack. The Chaos District is facing a crisis. Pass on my order and have the Five Houses’ disciples assembled. Then, send them to the Chaos District to provide support!”

Following Lothar’s order, several flying battleships as large as planets gathered outside the Verde Academy.

Powerhouses flew up from the spiritual mountains and ascended the battleships. After the powerhouses of the Verde Academy assembled, they departed toward the Chaos District.

Many other sects, forces, and families from the other districts also sent out powerhouses to support the Chaos District in battle. However, the hidden sects, families, and Orthodoxes showed no signs of participating in the war.

During Emperor Raiah’s era, the Extraterrestrial Demons had attacked the entire Endlos. Even back then, they did not even participate in the battle. Therefore, it was impossible they would provide help now that the Extraterrestrial Demons were attacking the Chaos District.

Many powerhouses were still fighting against the army of monsters in the collapsed Dooms’ territory. Fortunately, the battle was basically under control.

However, the other parts of the Chaos District struggled against the waves of monsters since they lacked powerhouses to take control of the battles. Under the aggressive attacks of the monster armies, they had been continuously retreating.

The Spiritual Power left behind after the tragic deaths of countless living beings disappeared into the void.

James also sensed the Spiritual Power being gathered and cursed, “Damn it.”

He had a grim and terrifying expression.

“Xezal’s plan succeeded. The battlefield has been moved to the Chaos District. Now that the other districts have been made aware, they are sending reinforcements to help us. If these powerhouses die in battle, Zaden will be incredibly powerful after his resurrection.”

James knew that his act of calling for backup had fallen into Xezal’s trap. However, he would have no choice but to watch the Chaos District’s inhabitants die miserably if he did not request reinforcements.

“Where exactly are they?” James released his Zen, searching for Mekaisto’s whereabouts.

Soon, the Heavenly Court Army appeared in the Dooms’ territory. The Ancestral Blood Master and the other powerhouses appeared in front of James.

‘The Human’s Heavenly Court has come to support in battle!” A neat and loud voice resounded.

James was very comforted to see the Heavenly Court Army.

The Ancestral Blood Master said, “Your order is our command, James.”

James looked at the countless powerhouses before him, then pointed toward the black holes around the area and said, ‘The waves of monsters are endless. To eliminate them, we’ll have to enter the black holes.

“Inside those black holes, you’ll find a hidden space with creatures called Mothers. The Mothers are responsible for producing these waves of monsters. After you kill the Mothers, you’ll obtain a black crystal. I need the black crystals, so keep them for me.”

James explained the situation to them.

The Ancestral Blood Master was already aware of this information. His phantom body had stayed within the small space inside James’ body for some time, so he already knew about these things.

“I know what to do, James. I’ll instruct them on what to do and inform the other powerhouses supporting the Chaos District. You go on and do whatever you need to. Don’t worry about the situation here.”

The Ancestral Blood Master reassured him, “We’ll take care of these monsters as soon as possible.”

James felt relieved with the Ancestral Blood Master’s words. He no longer lingered and quickly left to search the Chaos District for Xezal and Mekaisto.


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