The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4973

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4973-James reappeared in the Dark World, where he lost track of Xezal’s aura. She must still be somewhere nearby since she had disappeared from the area.

After James entered the Dark World, he carefully searched for Xezal’s aura.

The formation’s core was located on the periphery of the Chaos District, somewhere in the Dark World.

Mekaisto sat in a lotus position on a strange-looking altar, and a black aura emitted from his body. At the same time, black inscriptions circled him.

Xezal appeared outside the altar, looked at Mekaisto performing the ritual, and asked, “How long more?”

She was getting worried because James was too powerful. Even with the Endlos Heart, she was no match against him. James’ strength was making her anxious. She had planned and prepared very long for this day and did not want James to ruin it.

“It’s almost done.”

Mekaisto did not open his eyes but replied calmly,” Everything is under control. My army has already launched attacks on the Chaos District, and James has already called for support. It won’t be long before powerhouses from the other districts appear. By the time they arrive, the formation will be fully activated, making it difficult forthem to leave.” Xezal asked worriedly, “James is really powerful. Are you confident in defeating him?”

Even though she knew Mekaisto was powerful, he was no longer in his heyday after being suppressed in the Chaos Tablet for countless eons.

“James isn’t a big deal,” Mekaisto said disdainfully.

He would be wary of taking action if his opponent were Emperor Raiah.

Even though James had obtained Emperor Raiah’s Supernatural Power, his cultivation rank was relatively low and was nothing compared to Emperor Raiah.

Mekaisto fell silent after reassuring Xezal.

James, on the other hand, was still searching for Xezal and Mekaisto.

Time passed day by day, and the battles happening around the Chaos District showed no signs of coming to a stop.

Powerhouses from different districts had also come to join the battle one after another. The Ancestral Blood Master knew how to kill Extraterrestrial Demons and shared the method with everyone.

Soon, the battles throughout the Chaos District gradually became under control.

At the altar, Xezal said anxiously, “Your troops aren’t able to last much longer. Too many powerhouses have come to support in battle. It won’t be long before the war is over. You

should quickly think of a countermeasure.”

Mekaisto said calmly, “Don’t worry, it’s just the beginning. The monsters produced right now aren’t very strong. The real battle will become after more powerhouses join the battle.”

Everything was under Mekaisto’s control.

At that moment, Xezal’s expression suddenly changed, and she exclaimed, “James is here!”

Mekaisto stood up surprisedly. He looked into the darkness and saw a figure gradually groping forward.

Clamly, he said, “You leave first. The altar here is already useless. I’ll head to the next altar and take control of the formation. This altar is also a massive formation. When

James arrives here, he’ll be trapped and unable to break free so soon.”

“Alright.” Xezal left without much hesitation.

Mekaisto remained in place, waiting for James to appear.


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