The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4974

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4974-The Demonic Energy stimulated memories deep within Livie’s bones. Some fragmented memories poured into her mind. At that moment, she remembered a lot about her past life. However, most of the memories were only bits and pieces.

Overwhelmed by the sudden recovery of her memories, she felt severe pain in her head. Li vie wrapped her head in her hands and screamed in pain. Soon, she recomposed herself, knowing she was still on a battlefield surrounded by monsters. Livie picked up her weapon and continued to kill the enemies.

She was not influenced by the memories she had regained. Right now, she still considers herself James’ servant.

At that moment, somewhere in the Chaos District, there was a mysterious space full of inscriptions.

The countless inscriptions came together to form a mysterious pattern.

The area looked incredibly strange.

A woman in a white dress appeared and called out, “Father M

“Are you there, Father?”

The woman was none other than Xezal, who had left the Dark World.

“Yeah.” A hoarse voice came from the land of inscriptions.

“Father, how much more energy do you need before perfecting your Supernatural Power?” asked Xezal.

The voice resounded again. “The more, the merrier. I can come out of seclusion at any time. However, it’s a crucial moment right now. The more cultivators die, the more energy I can absorb, and I will be much stronger after I leave seclusion. My cultivation base has only reached the early stage of the Chaos Essencia Rank. After the Chaos District is sacrificed, I might be able to enter the Chaos Completare Rank.”

Xezal felt relieved by his words.

Zaden, who had fused with the Chaos Heavenly Path, said,” Proceed according to our plan. Your initial prediction about James being a variable is correct. However, we have the Extraterrestrial Demons’ Second Commander to deal with him. Let them fight. After I leave seclusion, I’ll deal with both of them together. After I eliminate the Extraterrestrial Demons, I’ll be the Endlos Lord, the strongest cultivator of the Endlos.

“James is really an unpredictable variable. From the moment he appeared until now, I’ve never been able to see through James, nor can I tell where he came from.”

Zaden had merged with the Chaos Heavenly Path, and everything within the Chaos District was under his control. Yet, he could not see through James or check James’ origins and future.

The only thing confirmed was James was a variable in his plan.

Xezal asked, “What should we do next, Father?”

“Leave the rest to Mekaisto. As long as we offer enough benefits to Mekaisto, it will be enough to get him to work for us.”


At that moment, James was slowly groping forward in the Chaos District’s Dark World. He continuously used an Extrapolation Formation to search for relevant hints. Soon, he arrived at a magical altar.

The altar looked strange, and a man was sitting in a lotus position above it, emitting a sinister aura.

When James appeared, the man opened his eyes, and his aura had become more assertive.

James was on full alert. He stared at Mekaisto on the altar and summoned the Chaos Sword. Then, he activated the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra and ten kinds of powers.

His aura immediately grew stronger after activating the Ten Path Techniques’ powers.

“You’re finally here, James.”

Mekaisto slowly stood up with his hands behind his back. His expression was calm and conceited. Even though

James had obtained Emperor Raiah’s inheritance, he was unafraid because James’ cultivation base was low.

“Hmph.” James snorted.

He thrust his Chaos Sword and unleashed the Heaven Piercing Sword Art without hesitation.

A terrifying Sonic Sword Energy swept forward and approached the altar.



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