The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4975

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4975-The Sword Energy struck the altar, shattering it into pieces.

Mekaisto’s body transformed into some black aura and blended into the darkness.

James cast the Blithe Omniscience and chased after him. However, countless black inscriptions appeared around his body, forming a spatial cage.

He was trapped within the spatial cage, and a potent force suppressed him. Even though he had entered the Omniscience Path’s Eleventh Rank, his body was injured.

He immediately activated his Thousand Paths Holy Body, and the powers of heaven and earth emerged from within his body. These powers strengthened his body and withstood the pressure brought on by the spatial cage.

At that moment, the spatial cage transformed, and black poisonous gases filled the cage. Even though James urged his powers to resist it, the poisonous gases entered his body through his pores.

The poisonous gas instantly affected his brain, making him feel dizzy. At that moment, countless sharp blades swept toward him.

These sharp blades approached and pierced his body. Even though he activated his Thousand Paths Holy Body, his body still suffered countless injuries.

“Break!” James infused the Ten Path Techniques’ powers into the Chaos Sword, then converted them into Sword Energies, spreading to the surroundings.

The Sealing Formation was shattered instantly. Although James broke through the formation, he had lost track of Mekaisto’s aura.

Mekaisto watched James break the formation from the dark. He frowned slightly and thought to himself, ‘I thought the formation would hold James back for a while. I wasn’t expecting him to break the formation so easily. This kid is powerful.”

He did not linger in the area any longer. His body dispersed into countless black auras, merging with the Dark World’s black mist. The next moment, he had already arrived in another place.

After the brief confrontation, James lost track of Mekaisto. A voice resounded when he was about to begin searching for Mekaisto.

“Where are you, James? We can’t hold on any longer.” The Ancestral Blood Master used an inscription to contact James.

James instantly disappeared from the spot and rushed back to the Doom Universe, where the Ancestral Blood Master was. Shortly after, he arrived outside the Doom Universe.

The battle in the Doom Universe was the most intense. At that moment, countless black holes surrounded the Doom Universe’s Endlos Void. Waves of monsters were still

rushing out of the black holes. These monster armies were really strong. Among them were monsters not weaker than a powerhouse at the Chaos Rank.

The Ancestral Blood Master, Wyndael, Wael, Livie, Saachi, and the other powerhouses were caught in an intense battle. They were besieged by monsters, not weaker than themselves.

“What happened?”

James appeared before the Ancestral Blood Master, unleashed a powerful aura, and wiped out the monsters in the surrounding area.

The Ancestral Blood Master was injured and covered in blood. He said, “I don’t know. The monsters suddenly became stronger.”

James glanced around and stared at the Endlos Void outside the Doom Universe. He discovered the terrifying power coming from the black holes. He raised the Chaos Sword and slashed at the void a few times.

A few Sword Energies emerged, passed through the black holes, and caused an explosion within the black holes’ space.


No more monsters emerged after James destroyed the black holes outside the Doom Universe. He immediately turned the tide of the battle.

The Ancestral Blood Master immediately ordered, “Quick, head to other regions of the Chaos District to provide support.”


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