The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4980

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4980-Back when Emperor Raiah launched a counterattack against the Extraterrestrial Demons, Mekaisto knew his side would be defeated. Despite that, he had a mission to complete and could not evacuate.

When Emperor Raiah began to fight back, he approached Zaden, who was still relatively weak. He felt that within the Endlos, Zaden would be the most useful to him.

Cooperating with Zaden would be the safest option. Even though there were some risks, he still chose to join hands with Zaden.

He gave Zaden a Forbidden Art to cultivate. However, he held back some information and did not give Zaden the last part of the Forbidden Art. He made a deal to hand it to Zaden only after he was released from the Chaos Tablet. Fortunately, his plan was successful, and Zaden did indeed rescue him.

They had already devised a plan when making their deal. They predicted Emperor Raiah would leave the Endlos, so they had made preparations in advance. They planned to sacrifice a district so that Zaden’s Supernatural Power could be perfected. Then, Zaden would take control of the Endlos’ Nine Districts, whereas he would leave for the Dark World and take control as the Dark Lord.

Mekaisto’s goal for becoming the Dark Load was to prepare for the Extraterrestrial Demon’s subsequent invasion.

This was what Zaden meant by coexisting with Mekaisto.

However, Zaden had other ideas in mind. It would be best if Mekaisto killed James. However, if James were to survive and kill Mekaisto, he would take action and kill him.

If Mekaisto successfully eliminated James, Zaden planned to take action against Mekaisto to test his strength.

Supposing he had the power to kill Mekaisto, he would do so. Otherwise, he would let Mekaisto enter the Dark World to become the Dark Lord.

On the battlefield, Mekaisto quickly broke through James’ Sword World.

“The Ten Path Techniques are indeed powerful.”

Mekaisto said calmly, “You’re only at the early stage of the Chaos IIIimita Rank but are incredibly powerful with the Ten Path Techniques. It’s a pity your cultivation rank is lacking. If you were already at the Chaos Completare Rank, I might not be a match for you. Today will be the day you die. I’ll devour you and use your Thousand Paths Holy Body to restore my strength.”

Even though James had displayed terrifying strength, Mekaisto was not afraid. He slowly approached James, step by step.

He walked very slowly, and with each step he took, a magical force would spread out. His pace gradually quickened, and he appeared in front of James instantly.

James could see the trajectory of him approaching, as well as sense his aura, but he was unable to react. He watched as Mekaisto’s palm slowly inched toward him.

Suddenly, James recomposed and cast the Blithe Omniscience to escape. However, the space in the area was sealed by a mysterious power. He could not avoid the attack and had no choice but to raise his hand to block the attack.


Their palms clashed.

A black aura snaked up James’ arm, crippling his arm. The injuries kept spreading, slowly approaching his torso.

James’ was startled. He quickly summoned the Ten Path Technique’s powers to neutralize the black aura. At the same time, he put some distance between him and Mekaisto.

Mekaisto did not chase after him. He simply floated in the voice, watching the injured James with amusement.

When James appeared in the distance, his arm had already recovered. He was horrified by Mekaisto’s strength.


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