The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4981

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4981-James thought to himself, ‘What kind of Supernatural Power was that? My mind went empty, and I was unable to respond. Fortunately, I snapped out of it in time. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.’

Mekaisto said calmly, “Not bad. There aren’t many in the Endlos capable of surviving my attacks.”

James took a deep breath. He had already urged the Ten Path Techniques’ powers but could not completely withstand Mekaisto’s attack. As expected from the Extraterrestrial Demon’s Second Commander, Mekaisto was incredibly powerful.

James activated the Endlos Heart. Apart from the destroyed Chaos Heavenly Path, the power of the other nine District Heavenly Paths gathered on his body.

This time, he had summoned all the power of the nine District Heavenly Paths, not just a portion of it.

District Heavenly Paths were in charge of maintaining order within their respective districts. They were composed of inscriptions, which contained powers.

Blessed by the power of the nine District Heavenly Paths, James’ aura surged instantly. Previously, his aura was at the Chaos lllimita Rank. Now, his aura had reached the Chaos Essencia Rank.

Mekaisto remained composed and commented, “The

District Heavenly Paths? The so-called District Heavenly Paths that maintain order were created by Emperor Raiah using the Endlos Heavenly Path.”

The Endlos was vast and had an Endlos Heavenly Path. Unfortunately, the Endlos Heavenly Path had already been destroyed by Extraterrestrial Demons.

Therefore, Emperor Raiah created the District Heavenly Paths to maintain and restrain the living beings within the Ten Districts.

“However, Emperor Raiah’s strength was limited. Even though he obtained the Endlos Heart that was left behind after the Endlos Heavenly Path’s destruction, he did not have the strength to reshape the Endlos Heavenly Path. He could only divide the Endlos into Ten Districts and create ten District Heavenly Paths.”

Mekaisto shared the information he knew since he was one of the culprits that destroyed the Endlos Heavenly Path.

Back then, the three Extraterrestrial Demon Commanders joined forces and obliterated the Endlos Heavenly Path together.

James ’ aura skyrocketed after summoning the power of the District Heavenly Paths. He stretched his body and sensed the energy within his body. At that moment, his selfconfidence rose significantly. He felt Mekaisto, who only had one-tenth of his powers left, would not be strong enough to resist the power of the Nine Districts’ Heavenly Paths.

He flashed before Mekaisto and swung his fist.

Mekaisto blocked James’ attack very calmly.


Their fists clashed, and a horrific shock wave permeated the area.

Everything the shock wave passed crumped into ruins. Many lives were lost, and the Ten Thousand Demon Formation collected the energy they left behind. Then, Zaden absorbed the energy gathered by the formation.

After the confrontation, James was blasted away. The powerful force injured his body, and he was covered with blood.

Mekaisto was also knocked away. His arms were injured, and blood began to flow.

He grinned and said, “You’re impressive but still a bit lacking. An external force is an external force, after all. Even though you have the Endlos Heart, you can’t fully control the power of the District Heavenly Paths.

“I’m not going to hold back anymore.” Mekaisto’s face darkened. He appeared before James and launched countless punches at him.

James kept defending against him.

Their fists collided consecutively.


The shock waves born after their confrontation permeated, causing the Chaos District’s space to collapse. Countless universes were destroyed, and the number of casualties kept increasing.


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