The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4982

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4982-Countless living beings gathered outside the Chaos District. A few of them were powerhouses James had sent out of the Chaos District, whereas some were powerhouses that had come to participate in the Endlos Tournament but evacuated in advance. Additionally, several of them were powerhouses who had rushed to support in battle but did not enter the Chaos District in time.

At that moment, the entire Chaos District was surrounded by the Ten Thousand Demon Formation. Despite that, the powerhouses outside could still sense the battle and its aftermath.

The strength James had displayed left them dumbfounded. However, they were even more stunned by Mekaisto. They never expected him to still be so powerful, even after being sealed away for countless epochs.

James was hit several times. He blocked many of Mekaisto’s punches, but the impact force still injured him.

Mekaisto attacked relentlessly, and he landed a few more blows on James.

In just a short moment, James was injured all over. He wanted to activate his Time Power to revert time to before he was injured.

However, his Time Power could only affect ordinary living beings. Against a powerhouse like Mekaisto, his Time

Power had no effect since Mekaisto had already surpassed the constraints of time and space.

James urged his Time Power but was unable to turn back time.

He followed up with the One Break All to neutralize a portion of Mekaisto’s power. Then, he mobilized his Path Powers to form the magical Sacred Blossom.

The Sacred Blossom circled Mekaisto’s body and suddenly exploded, unleashing a terrifying power.

However, his Blossoming caused very little damage to Mekaisto. Mekaisto hardly sustained any injuries, but he was slightly disheveled.

“Break.” Mekaisto reached out his finger and pointed at James.

Suddenly, the space around James’ body began to collapse.

James was injured once again.

He opened up the microcosms in his body, unleashing their powers. With the blessing of these powers, James’ aura immediately skyrocketed.

Then, he performed the Defying Heavens Art and took thirty- three steps.

The force blasted Mekaisto’s body away. His Blood Energy churned, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“James gained the upper hand.”

“James performed the Defying Heavens Art and caused

Makeisto to spit out blood!”

“Let’s go, James!”

Countless living beings were spectating the battle outside the Chaos District.

The battle’s outcome would determine the Chaos District’s survival. It was also related to the future of the Endlos’ Ten Districts.

The Ten Districts would be thrown into chaos, and the balance maintained would be broken if James were to be defeated.

Mekaisto vomited blood after being struck by James’ Defying Heavens Art. His face darkened, and he said coldly, ” Damn it. You managed to injure me. You’re so dead.”

His aura rose significantly. Then, a strange weapon suddenly appeared in his hand. It was a geomantic compass that had mysterious symbols carved on it.

As soon as the weapon appeared, it flew out and hovered above James. Thousands of inscriptions emerged from the geomantic compass and surrounded James.

James immediately sensed a strange power around him. He felt his energy and life force slowly being drained away. His hair turned white, and his skin wrinkled.

“How strange.” James was startled.

He quickly summoned the Infinity Steles and combined

them to form the Boundless Pagoda.

The Boundless Pagoda entered its tenth form and let out multicolored light rays. Then, it flew upward and destroyed the inscriptions around James. Immediately afterward, it collided with the mysterious geomantic compass.


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