The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4983

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4983-Boom!!!

The Boundless Pagoda collided with the geomantic compass, and a powerful force permeated the air.

Both the Boundless Pagoda and geomantic compass were blasted away.

James and Mekaisto suffered backlashes and vomited blood.

At that moment, Mekaisto no longer had a calm and composed demeanor like at the beginning of their fight. He was disheveled, and his face was grim. He never expected James, who was only at the Chaos IIIimita Rank, to unleash such terrifying power.

Even his greatest weapon, the Demonic Compass, could not deal fatal injuries to James.

After James freed himself from the shackles of the inscriptions, he activated the Life Path to recover his energy and life force.

James appeared in the distance, panting heavily. He gripped the Boundless Sword, and the Boundless Pagoda floated before him. His body was injured, and blood stains were on the corners of his lips. He was not expecting Mekaisto, who only had less than one-tenth of his strength, to be so powerful.

Despite using the power of the Ten Path Techniques, the Endlos Heart, and the Boundless Pagoda, he was unable to defeat Mekaisto. There were not many trump cards left up his sleeves. James began to worry, afraid he would lose to Meaisto.

Xezal and Zaden watched the battle while in hiding.

The strength that James and Mekaisto had displayed had exceeded their expectations.

Xezal exclaimed, “They’re so strong.”

Zaden began to wonder whether he could fight them if he left seclusion. After a quick analysis, he felt he was no match for James and Mekaisto right now.

Meanwhile, Mekaisto launched another attack. He held the Demonic Compass in his hand and continuously attacked James.

The Demonic Compass was very strange. Not only could it devour everything, but it could also cast confinement skills.

Faced with the terrifying Demonic Compass, James used the Boundless Pagoda to defend.

Countless universes within the Chaos District were destroyed, killing their inhabitants. However, James had no time to care about them. His priority was to kill Mekaisto and then break the Ten Thousand Demon Formation.

Eventually, he could use the Endlos Heart to restore the Chaos District and resurrect the innocent lives lost during the battle.

James and Mekaisto both showed great strength.

The Boundless Pagoda resisted the Demonic Compass, and the fight was a stalemate.


James’ Boundless Pagoda broke through the restraints of the Demonic Compass. Immediately afterward, James cast the Blithe Omniscience and disappeared. The next moment, he appeared behind Mekaisto. A strange scene suddenly flashed across his eyes, and inscriptions emerged. The inscriptions formed into Sword Energies and ultimately merged to form a dazzling long sword.

The long sword charged toward Mekaisto.

Mekaisto reacted in time and tossed out the Demonic Compass to block the long sword. However, the Boundless Pagoda immediately knocked the Demonic Compass away.

The long sword inched toward Mekaisto.

James’ Damon Eyes had already been cultivated to perfection. Even though Mekaisto had an exceptional physical body, the sword still pierced through his body.

The sword immediately disintegrated into inscriptions and exploded within his body, inflicting severe injuries to Mekaisto.

The explosion blasted off the right side of Mekaisto’s torso.

After injuring Mekaisto, James smiled. However, blood overflowed from his lips.

Despite his injuries, James’ hope for victory grew after severely injuring Mekaisto. Moreover, he still had a few trump cards.

James felt like he had a great chance of winning the battle.


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